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Why should the word "Fu" be pasted upside down? Why should the word "Fu" be written in a diamond

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in people's daily life, the Spring Festival is the most important festival. Because at this time, the whole family will get together to clean up, paste Spring Festival couplets and blessing words, so as to welcome the arrival of the new year. So at this time, have people paid attention to why the word Fu should be pasted according to the requirements of traditional culture? Why


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paste the word "Fu" during the Spring Festival is a long-standing folk custom. According to the record of Mengliang: "the birthday is near, Xi Pu department store, painting the door god Taofu, Yingchun card..."; "Scholars and commoners, big or small, sweep the gate, clean the dust, clean the court, change the door god, hang Zhong Kui, nail peach runes, stick spring cards, and worship their ancestors.". The "stick spring card" in the article is the "blessing" written on red paper. Why is the word "blessing" pasted upside down? Pasting the word "blessing" upside down on the door is the meaning of taking blessing to the home. This custom originated from the palace of Prince Gong in the Qing Dynasty. One year on New Year's Eve, the housekeeper wrote the word "Fu" and pasted it on the gate of the palace. One of the pasters could not read, so he pasted the word "Fu" on the gate upside down. Therefore, Prince Gong Fujin was very angry. Fortunately, the big housekeeper was eloquent. He said, "I often hear that Prince Gong has a long life and great blessings. Now the great blessings have really come (fallen), and the auspicious words have been said a thousand times, and the gold and silver have increased." this turn of words opened Prince Gong Fujin's eyes and smiled, saving the stickers from the scourge of sticks. Later, this custom was introduced into people's homes. Why is the word


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in a diamond? According to the ancestors, it is only a form of Spring Festival couplets. According to different places of use, spring couplets can be divided into door center, frame pair, horizontal batch, spring strip, door leaf, etc. There are two forms that are inseparable from today's Square "Fu", the door center and the door leaf. The door center couplets are pasted directly on the door. Generally, the door center couplets are square and use fewer words. Door center couplets are pasted at the center of the upper end of the door panel. The square "Fu" pasted above the door are actually door center couplets. The door leaf, also known as Doujin, is a square diamond. The most common word is the word "Fu" pasted by every household on the door, wall and lintel. The "blessing" of the door center and the door leaf gathers our "blessing" from outside to inside, so the "blessing" is basically square, indicating that the five blessings are near the door.

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