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Why is there more Fu characters on it? Why can't the Fu characters face west

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will hear the word "Fu" in their life, because whenever the Spring Festival comes, people will choose to paste the word "Fu" to meet their needs of hoping for smoothness and peace in the new year. So people need to pay attention to something when posting the word Fu, which is very important.


       Why is there more Fu characters on it? Chinese Fu culture has a long history; It is an important part of ancient Chinese civilization and an important part of China's excellent traditional culture. Blessing represents everyone's best expectations and wishes for the future; It is the oldest, most auspicious and most popular character in China. A little more happiness is what people want, with auspicious implications. Why can't the word

face to the west? There has always been a saying among the people, that is "tearing down the east wall to make up the west wall". If the word "Fu" is hung on the west wall, the Feng Shui flavor of the whole house will become particularly unstable. Because the blessing of the west wall may need to be filled with the blessing of the east wall. In the long run, the Qi field in the home will become a little disordered and even have a bad impact on the whole family. For example, if you stay, rest and eat at the east wall for a long time, your overall luck will become very bad and you will encounter a lot of bad luck. Even if you stay at home and don't go out every day, disasters will come to you on your own initiative. It can be said to be quite terrible. Therefore, from the point of view of gas field stability, the word Fu must not face the west wall. The influence of


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on the west wall after the word "Fu" is hung on the west wall, it will generally lead to the decline of family wealth. The reason why the wealth of a house can be stable is that the Feng Shui pattern is stable enough. If the word "Fu" is on the west wall, resulting in problems with the blessing of the east wall, the wealth and feng shui will be unstable, and the wealth of the family will inevitably begin to decline. People living in houses with the word "Fu" on the west wall will get worse day by day. Because in this situation, the gas field of the house has been unstable, and there are many problems with happiness. Under such a long-term impact, the health of the family will slowly deteriorate, and the family is not healthy, which is an important embodiment of no happiness. https://www.dailyq-a.com/Culture/22716.html
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