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Why should the word "Fu" be changed every year? What are the taboos

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in the life development of each zodiac sign, they have some things that need to be constantly updated. This is the case with clothes, sometimes because they are old and sometimes because they can't keep up with the trend of the times. Then why do you need to replace the blessing words pasted at home every year? What is particular about this? Why does the word


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change every year? Pay attention to "leaving the old and welcoming the new", and the word "Fu" is the same. Although the word "Fu" at home is still very new, it represents the "Fu" in 2020. The new year needs to be prepared for a new "blessing". Therefore, buying and posting again indicates the "blessing" of the new year in 2021. According to previous people, the word "Fu" can't be called buying. To say "please", it means "praying". The couplets and Fu characters of the Spring Festival are even new. Then he is also a blessing of the past year. We are grateful for the blessings of the past year, but we will not miss the service of the past year, because if we want to prepare for the arrival of new blessings, we will have a good look of leaving the old and welcoming the new, so we can change the couplet and blessing words on our door. It is also a sign of new hope. It also indicates that the auspicious, happy and happy year of China has come. There has always been a saying among the people about what is taboo in pasting blessings, that is, to "tear down east walls and make up west walls". If the word Fu is hung on the west wall, the Feng Shui flavor of the whole house will become particularly unstable. Because the blessing of the west wall may need to be filled with the blessing of the east wall. In the long run, the Qi field in the home will become a little disordered and even have a bad impact on the whole family. If you stay, rest and eat at the east wall for a long time, your overall luck will become very bad and you will encounter a lot of bad luck. Even if you stay at home and don't go out every day, disasters will come to you on your own initiative. It can be said to be quite terrible. Therefore, if you look at the stability of the gas field, the word Fu must not be hung on the west wall.

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pay attention to what the real time to paste the word of blessing should be in the afternoon of 30, before the sun sets. And the order should be from the outside to the inside, first paste the head up blessing, then paste the door blessing, and finally paste the inverted blessing, which means that the blessing of a year should flow in from the outside. Starting from the gate, the word "Fu" from outside to inside is first big and then small. Folklorist Wang Zuoji said that there are places in traditional culture where the word Fu is pasted upside down, but it is on garbage cans, buckets and other appliances.

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