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Why can't you have a haircut in the first month? What's the saying of dead uncle in the first month

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in people's normal understanding, hair cutting is a very common thing, and it should be able to cut when you want to cut your hair. Will this involve the influence of some customs and culture? In fact, it will, because in people's daily life, it's not time to have a haircut in January, because it will have some negative effects in the end?

风景53 (2)

why can't you have a haircut in the first month? The ancient Chinese people attached great importance to hair, and the people had the habit of cutting hair at a specific time. For example, the book of rites records that "at the end of March, you can cut your hair at a selected date, and men and women are detained" [1]   It shows that at least as early as the Han Dynasty, Chinese people had certain requirements for shaving time. Ancient books such as the Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine record that a certain month is not suitable for something. In the Qing Dynasty, pan rongbi's book "the emperor's victory at the age of emperor Jing" recorded that "if you don't shave your hair in May, you may hinder your uncle", which also shows that in the Qing Dynasty, you really connected "may shaving" with "hindering your uncle", and there are countless "Taboos" among Chinese people. The saying of "shaving in the first month -- dead uncle" is actually a allegorical saying, in which "dead uncle" is homonymous with "nostalgia" and "nostalgia" refers to missing the Ming Dynasty. After the Qing army entered the customs, the decree of "shaving hair and easy service" was implemented in the Central Plains. The laws of shaving hair order, easy service order, enclosure, occupation of houses, charging and escape were known as the "six evils of the early Qing Dynasty", especially the resistance to shaving hair order was the most intense. Since ancient times, ordinary Han people have little interest in who should be the emperor. They only care about their food and clothing, and pay less attention to political changes. When the Qing army just entered the customs, under the banner of "hanging the people for crimes", the legitimacy and rationality of its rule were recognized by some Han people and scholar bureaucrats. However, the "shaving and changing clothes order" implemented by the rulers of the Qing Dynasty was strongly resisted, and a new round of anti Qing uprising was launched in the Central Plains.

大寒 (2) 无字

what else is taboo in the first month? Do not hurt life in the first month. The reincarnation path of poultry stops in the first month. It is said in ancient times that the birthday of the mother of "Si Jishen", who has been in charge of the reincarnation path of poultry, is on the eighth day of the first month. Therefore, the "Si Jishen" will close the reincarnation path to celebrate her mother's birthday in the first month. Therefore, the dead of poultry injured by you cannot enter the six reincarnation paths and will follow you until the third day of next month (that is, the third day of February).

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