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Why can't I have my birthday on the 15th of the first month

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every child will have his or her own birthday, that is, his or her own time of birth after they come to the world. For them, it is also a very happy thing to celebrate their birthday in their own life, but why do some people say that it is not suitable to celebrate their birthday at some time? What kind of statement is there?

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why can't you celebrate your birthday on the fifteenth day of the first month? There are a few days in China that are taboo. First, the first and fifteenth days of the first month; First, the fifth day of May; First, July 15. The first month is the leisure and lively day of the Chinese New Year. If the baby is born in the first month, it is generally thought that it is infant sex poison and does not let the parents live in peace. If you want to relax and have fun during the Chinese new year, you will have a child all your life. You will be very nervous and busy, and even have to worry, fear, suffer and suffer. Therefore, it is taboo for children born at this time to say that growing up is harmful to their parents. There is a saying in Henan: "men are afraid of the first day of the new year, and women are afraid of the fifteenth day." the first day of the new year is a new year's day. A boy born on the new year's day has a big life. You can't beat and scold children during the new year, so their parents won't dare to discipline them in the future, which will hinder their parents. The 15th day of the first month is the Lantern Festival. It is the time to watch the lanterns. The girl was born at this time. Adults can't watch the lanterns. It's small. I'm afraid that the girl was born at this time. When she grew up, she would be greedy to play and have no discipline. She became a "crazy girl" and hurt her parents. What are the precautions for birthdays? Children should not have birthdays before adults. In ancient times, boys and girls would have adult rites at the age of 16 and 14, but they could not have birthdays before that. At that time, people thought that their aura was different before they became adults. If they gave them a birthday at this time, it would be tantamount to telling God of hell how old their children are. It is easy for him to remember their "fierce pass" in a year, which is quite disadvantageous to children.

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birthday taboo what age people can't say on their birthday. It is said that Peng Zu was more than 800 years old. One day, when he heard that he wanted to wash the charcoal into white with water, he smiled and said that he was more than 800 years old and had not heard of anything that could wash the carbon white. Unexpectedly, the man was fickle in black and white. I heard that he was more than 800 years old and that his name was Peng Zu, so I took him away. Later, there was such a custom - especially when older people can't tell others their true age, and can't say how many birthdays they want to celebrate.

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