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What's special about the new year's greetings in the first month? What should we pay attention to

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is a very common thing in New Year's greetings in the first month, because new year's greetings means that a new year is coming soon, which is also a way for people to wish their relatives and friends good wishes. But in half a year, is it just a simple meeting in the past? In fact, there are a lot of attention waiting for people to understand. What does


mean? New Year greeting is a traditional Chinese folk custom. It is a way for people to leave the old and welcome the new year and express good wishes to each other. In ancient times, the original meaning of the word "New Year's greetings" was to pay homage to the elderly for the new year, including kowtowing to the elderly, congratulating the elderly on the happy new year, greeting life and so on. In case of relatives and friends of the same generation, we should also give gifts and congratulations. With the development of the times, the custom of paying New Year's greetings has been adding new contents and forms. Generally, in addition to following the previous methods of new year's greetings, etiquette telegram New Year's greetings, telephone New Year's greetings, SMS New Year's greetings and Internet new year's greetings have sprung up. The time of new year's greetings is generally from the first day to the fifth day of the twelfth lunar month. Visiting relatives and friends after the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month is mostly regarded as early New Year's greetings, while visiting relatives and friends after the fifth day of the first lunar month and before the fifteenth day of the first lunar month is regarded as old year's greetings. Early and old age are emergency or remedial to avoid regret. There is a folk proverb: it is not too late to pay a new year's call. What should be paid attention to in the first month? In the first month, after getting up, the younger generation should first pay New Year's greetings to the elders, wishing them health, longevity and good luck. After the elders are worshipped, they should distribute the "lucky money" prepared in advance to the younger generation. After paying New Year's greetings to the elders at home, when people go out and meet, they should also congratulate the new year with a smile and say auspicious words such as "congratulations on getting rich" and "Happy New Year" to each other. To pay New Year's greetings to parents in law or relatives, you must bring gifts. You can stay for dinner, play, discussion, etc. To pay New Year's greetings to a friend, once you enter the door, if you are on the same level as your master, you only need to bow your hands. If you are older than yourself, you must bow down and bow down. In this case, it is generally inappropriate to sit for a long time. If you have two polite words, you should leave. After the master is worshipped, he should pay homage on another day.


precautions for new year's greetings in the first month: make an appointment before New Year's greetings. Don't make an empty trip because the host also goes out to pay New Year's greetings. At the same time, give the host a time to prepare in advance. It's best to give the owner the choice of the appointment time. Don't set a time unilaterally. The time agreed upon jointly should be more convenient for both parties. It's not too early to choose the morning to pay New Year's greetings to the elders. Due to the usual hard work, people usually get up late during the Spring Festival. If you come to the door early to pay a new year's call, you often catch the host unprepared. If the new year's greetings are served, the time of the new year's greetings can be determined according to the time of the meal. They should arrive in advance, not wait for the time of dinner, but should leave time for greetings and chat.

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