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Chinese New Year greetings in the first month and Chinese New Year greetings in the Spring Festival

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people pay special attention to and pay attention to new year's greetings. So what should people pay attention to in the process of new year's greetings? In particular, they couldn't sit there and don't speak in the past. They also need to say some new year's greetings to better bless their people. This is what they must do when paying New Year's greetings.


the best New Year greeting in the first month 1. Happy New Year! Make a beautiful wish. I wish you happiness! Make a wonderful wish and wish you a round career! Make a beautiful wish. I wish you sweet love! 2. I wish you a happy year, a happy life and a peaceful life. May every wish in your life be realized and a happy New Year! 3. One world welcomes celebrations, one ideal prospers the national movement, one mouse sends luck, and one wish wishes for good luck., Wish the celebration of success, national prosperity and good luck to everyone! happy new year! 4. As the saying goes: smile, ten years are young. A smile troubles run, two smiles anger hate disappear, three smiles regret, four smiles disease escape, five smiles never old, six smiles happy and carefree, festival to you are laughing! I wish you a happy New Year! 5. The year is very long. The Spring Festival is the center and thousands of families celebrate it; There are many short messages, and blessing is the center. It represents the friendship and expectation of friends; Many friends, you are the center, all the blessings to you: Happy New Year! 6. When the new year comes, we should be early to pay New Year's greetings. Good luck runs with you. Good luck surrounds you. Money goes into your pocket. Everything you want is done, and the Spring Festival is full of laughter! My blessing is so early that you must receive it. 7. Happy New Year! happy new year! Good teeth, good stomach, good health, good family, good career, good mood, good flowers, good moon, good scenery, good luck, good future, good people, good everything, Hello, Hello, everyone, I wish you a good new year!


the most suitable new year greetings for the Spring Festival 1. Good luck, good health and good food. I hope you have a happy new year. 2. Congratulations on the new year and all the best. 3. May the New Year bring many beautiful things and endless blessings to you and your loved ones! 4. Please accept our best wishes for you and your family and wish you a happy new year. 5. I wish you a good harvest in your career and love, which is higher and higher year by year! 6. A new year, a new starting point and a new beginning; Wish you a happy new year. 7. On the occasion of the new year, my wife and I extend holiday greetings to you and your family, and wish you a happy new year, career success and family happiness. Precautions for new year's greetings in the first month: change shoes according to the environmental requirements of relatives and friends; Say hello to relatives and friends one by one (you can know the family members and titles of relatives and friends in advance); Give gifts politely; Take the living room as the main activity place. Don't take the initiative to visit each room without the owner's permission; We should focus on the living habits of the host's house, not as casual as in our own house. The chat content with the host is mostly greetings and greetings to enhance each other's feelings.

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