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What do you send to your parents and elders during the first lunar new year

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-08 1 0

parents and elders are very important for everyone, because they can give themselves in the growth process of life. Many experiences and lessons, so it is very important to pay New Year's greetings to parents and elders when paying New Year's greetings. But what is the most suitable gift for parents and elders during the new year?


what kind of woolen shoes are suitable for the elders during the new year, which refers to the kind of leather shoes with fur inside, which can be waterproof. The elderly like it very much. Especially in the south, it often rains in winter. It's cloudy and rainy. It's particularly important to have a pair of waterproof wool shoes. It can be both waterproof and warm. As elders, eating and wearing warm, healthy and comfortable is the most reassuring thing for children. How to give gifts? The reason why you choose to give gifts should be appropriate. When paying New Year's greetings to elders, teachers and masters, you should bring some gifts appropriately. Gifts should not be too expensive and luxurious, but should be "affordable". Holding a bunch of flowers and sending a beautiful greeting card has become a romantic and warm way for urban modern people to pay New Year's greetings. New Year gifts should also pay attention to hygiene. If you know the new year's greeting object well, you can choose the gift that the other party likes. If you don't know, you can choose flowers, fruits, food... And you won't make mistakes. Tobacco and alcohol should be determined according to the object. For example, if you pay New Year's greetings to grandma, you send her cigarettes and alcohol that grandma doesn't like. This is meaningless. If there are children in the host's home, you can also choose the gifts your children like.


precautions for new year's greetings in the first month: make an appointment before New Year's greetings. Don't make an empty trip because the host also goes out to pay New Year's greetings. At the same time, give the host a time to prepare in advance. It's best to give the owner the choice of the appointment time. Don't set a time unilaterally. The time agreed upon jointly should be more convenient for both parties. It's not too early to choose the morning to pay New Year's greetings to the elders. Due to the usual hard work, people usually get up late during the Spring Festival. If you come to the door early to pay a new year's call, you often catch the host unprepared. If the new year's greetings are served, the time of the new year's greetings can be determined according to the time of the meal. They should arrive in advance, not wait for the time of dinner, but should leave time for greetings and chat.

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