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Can we offer sacrifices on the twelfth day of the lunar new year in 2021? Can we go to the grave to worship our ancestors

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sacrifice is a very important traditional ceremony in people's life. This ceremony expresses people's gratitude to their ancestors, and can also make people remember their hardships and think of sweetness, so as to better devote themselves to the current struggle. When time moves towards the twelfth day of the lunar new year, can people go to the grave to worship their ancestors? Let's go and see the results.


can we offer sacrifices on the twelfth lunar new year in 2021? On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, twelve cattle in the first month (small) should open a working stove, go out for marriage, get a bed and get a certificate, ask for money, accept money, fix graves, open fasting festivals, ask people to offer sacrifices, open markets, marry and open amnesty tourism [avoid] Build, decorate, seek medical treatment, cancel the request for an heir, get engaged, buy property, collect crown hairpins, migrate, put water into the house, move an Xiang, build a house, ship, break the earth, bury, move the earth, build a embankment and a vertical column to pray for blessings. From the perspective of the Yellow calendar on that day, the twelfth day of the first month of 2021 is suitable for sacrifice, and those who want to sacrifice on this day can be prepared. What are the taboos of going to the grave? When going to worship, people usually choose to wear flowers. It is best to carry chrysanthemums. Generally, white chrysanthemums are the best. Other flowers imply that they are not suitable for going to the grave. It is not allowed to laugh and scold when going to the grave. Going to the grave is a very serious thing. Loud laughter and scolding will disturb the peace of the ancestors, which is a practice of disrespect for the ancestors. Even the desecration of the dead, so the grave must be serious, quiet and full of sadness.


precautions for worship 1. Do not worship people who suddenly die. 2. There are not many other procedures when worshipping in front of ancestral halls or memorial tablets. You can worship three sticks of incense, call your ancestors and make a wish to protect your family when burning paper. 3. Make a boundary on the ground and draw a circle without closing a small opening, so that the ancestors can obtain the blessing of worship; First burn some paper outside the circle to reward the land and empty past; Burn paper in the circle and ask the land and void to pass and bring these blessings to their ancestors; When burning paper, you can make a wish to your ancestors. 4.3 infants before the age of 3 cannot participate in any worship activities. 5. People with weak body and eight characters should not participate in any form of worship.

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