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What do you need to pay attention to when you worship God on the second day of the first month

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in the traditional customs and culture of the Chinese nation, there are many cultures that need to be understood by every zodiac sign. Among them, the first month will involve a variety of cultures, and each zodiac sign is also needed at this time. Give special attention, so what gods need people to worship in the first month? All this needs to be understood.

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what God do you need to worship on the second day of the first month? The God of wealth is widely believed by many levels. People in the North worship the God of wealth on the second day of the first month, and the sound of firecrackers goes on day and night. On the morning of the second day of the first month, households and businesses shall sacrifice to the God of wealth. Ordinary households do not have a statue or memorial tablet of the God of wealth worshipped all year round, so they temporarily go to the incense wax shop to invite a very rough wood engraving board and watercolor printed "Zengfu Jibao God of wealth" code, or clip those God of wealth children received on New Year's Eve on the Wooden paper clip to set up an altar, while the firm still sets up an altar in front of the original "three wealth" shrine. On this day, there are people who come to the door to sell the image of the God of wealth. If they don't want to buy it, they can only answer "already", and taboo to say "no" to avoid bad luck. What should we pay attention to when sacrificing the God of wealth on the second day of the first month? In the north, sacrificing the God of wealth on the second day of the first month is held on this day, whether in commercial shops or ordinary families. Families offered sacrifices to the God of wealth on New Year's Eve. Wonton, commonly known as "Yuanbao soup", will be eaten at noon. Fish and mutton were sacrificed. Big businesses in old Beijing have large-scale sacrificial activities on this day. The offerings should use "five offerings", that is, the whole pig, the whole sheep, the whole chicken, the whole duck, the red live carp, etc., hoping to make a lot of money.


what are the Customs on the second day of the first month? On the second day of the first month, the married daughter takes her husband and children back to her mother's house to pay New Year's greetings. When a daughter returns to her mother's house, she must make a large bag of biscuits and candy, which will be distributed by her mother to the neighbors, just like the scene of the Chinese New Year. If there are more than one daughter in the family, and these daughters do not return on the same day, they will come once. The gift is quite thin, just four biscuits. However, it reflects a strong affection. The real thing is that "etiquette is light and affection is heavy". It expresses the girl's yearning for the villagers.

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