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On the twelfth day of the first month of 2021, should we pray and go to the temple

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most Chinese people attach great importance to praying, hoping to realize their wishes and bring good wishes to the future. By going to the temple, we can also enhance people's self-confidence and better devote ourselves to the struggle for the future. So, is the twelfth day of the first month a suitable day for praying and praying in the temple? The following article will answer this question for you.


on the twelfth day of the first month of 2021, should we pray to go to the temple? On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, on the twelfth day of the first month (small), cattle [should] open working stoves, go out for marriage, get married, get a bed, get a certificate, ask for money, accept money, fix graves, open fasting rituals, ask people for sacrifices, open markets, marry, open grace and Amnesty tourism [avoid] Repair, decorate, seek medical treatment, cancel the request for an heir's engagement, go to any property, accept the crown hairpin, migrate, put water into the house, move an Xiang, build a house, Liang qizuan, ship, break the earth, bury, move the earth, build a embankment and vertical column to pray for blessings. It is not suitable for praying on this day, because praying appears in the taboo column. People who want to pray on this day need to consider carefully. What should we pay attention to when praying for blessings? The main hall of ordinary temples has two doors, one in the middle and two small doors on both sides. It is also taboo to burn incense and worship Buddha. It is not better for monks and nuns not to go through the middle door. The middle door is called an empty door. Only monks and nuns can go in and out. Pilgrims on both sides can go in and out. Pay attention to women's right foot and men's left foot Feet. You must not step on the threshold, which is disrespectful to the Buddha. Stepping directly across the roof is... After attending the funeral or farewell ceremony, you can walk in the temple on the same day to remove the filth on your body. There are third-class relatives and others who must be 49 days before they can visit the temple, otherwise it is easy to make taboo to enter the temple with filial piety. Pregnant women can worship only after they have finished their month. Women had better not worship during their menstrual period.


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are the customs of the twelfth month of the first month, which is commonly known as "Twelve light sheds". It means that the Yuanxiao Festival is approaching. From this day on, the stewards of the village should gather skilled craftsmen and young adults to prepare lanterns and do all kinds of preparations for the Yuanxiao Festival. There are nursery rhymes, "On the eleventh day of the lunar new year, people start to celebrate the Lantern Festival. From the twelfth day of the first month, people start to buy lanterns and build lanterns. This is the nursery rhyme Yao sang: "eleven people chirp, twelve put up light sheds, thirteen people turn on the lights, fourteen lights are on, fifteen lines and a half, and sixteen people finish the lights." I don't know whether this year's Shengfang Flower Fair is ready.

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