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Is it true that you can't pray for the Lantern Festival in 2021

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in traditional culture, people always pay attention to the choice of auspicious days and think that we should also choose a good day to do things. When people go to pray and fulfill their wishes, they will also choose a good day to make things go more smoothly. Is it true that you can't pray on the special lantern festival in the year of the Taurus? The next article will answer for you.


is it true that you can't pray for the Lantern Festival in the year of the Taurus in 2021? On Friday, February 26, 2021, on the 15th day of the first month (small), cattle [Yi] go to work, ask for heirs, marry, move, move, collect marriage treasures, get engaged, get a license, and start repairing roads [avoid] The sacrificial ceremony opened a ticket, opened a warehouse, sought medical treatment, broke the ground, opened a warehouse, planted vertical columns, built dikes, dug wells, buried, drilled, received livestock, built houses, lifted the upper beam, prayed for blessings, built bridges, opened markets and started meridians. From the old yellow calendar, it can be seen that it is true that we can't pray for the Lantern Festival in the year of the Taurus in 021. Precautions for praying 1. The temple is a solemn and sacred place. You can't play and dress dignified; 2. It's best to eat vegetarian food before going to the temple; 3. Without the permission of the deacon in the temple, you are not allowed to enter the monk's hut (dormitory) and other places; 4. The temple shall not be disturbed by loud noise; 5. The quantity of incense burning and worshiping Buddha is also exquisite. Three sticks pray for themselves, six sticks pray for two generations, and nine sticks pray for three generations. Thirteen is an extreme. Thirteen incense is the high incense with perfect merit and morality. 6. Parturient women must finish their month before they can worship. 7. Women's menstruation is best not to worship. What is the true meaning of


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burning incense and worshipping Buddha? The temple is a place for Buddhists to cultivate their blessings and wisdom. In ancient times, it was called the jungle. Sakyamuni Buddha was usually enshrined in the main hall of the temple. He was the crown prince of the king of clean rice in ancient India. Later, he went out to practice and preached under the bodhi tree. He is the founder of Buddhism and is respected as "Buddha" and "master". The true meaning of burning incense and worshipping Buddha lies in expressing respect, gratitude and nostalgia for the Buddha. To dye clean, dedicate life and realize life. If you do this, you will naturally have sufficient blessings and wisdom, and everything you want will be

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