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When can I cut my hair in the first month? What are the taboos

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it is common for people to have their hair cut for a period of time in their life. But according to the folk customs and culture, it is not suitable to cut your head in the first month? But for some people, if they don't cut their hair for a month, there will be many negative effects. So when is it suitable for a haircut in the first month?

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the first month is suitable for hair cutting. In the past, no one had a haircut in the first month, and there were many old folk taboos. "Shaving is not allowed in the first month" is an example. "Shave your head in the first month and die your uncle." the boy didn't have the freedom to shave his head until the second day of February in the lunar calendar. If you can, you can cut your hair after the 15th day of the first month. Why is the first month not suitable for haircutting? Volume 2 Customs of Yexian chronicle published in the 24th year of the Republic of China reveals the mystery of Customs: "I heard from the villagers that the edict of shaving hair issued by the Qing Dynasty was implemented in the first month of the fourth year of Shunzhi. As soon as the system of the Ming Dynasty changed, people thought of the old monarch because of shaving hair, so it was called 'thinking of the old'. After a long time, they mistakenly called it 'dead uncle'." it was "thinking of the old" not to shave their head in the first month. " That is to say, when the Qing army entered the pass, they forced the Han people to shave their hair and keep their braids, while the Han people, because of their hometown, made an appointment not to shave their hair in the first month to show that they did not forget the old monarch and became "nostalgic". After the Manchus entered the Central Plains, they forced the Han people to shave their hair, "keep their hair but not their hair." the Han people vowed to fight to death and died a lot of people, but they were forced to shave their hair in the end, leaving "money rat tail" In this way, if you don't shave your head in the first month, you will lose the cultural and psychological basis on which you rely, and the homonym is falsely transmitted as "dead uncle" In order to resist the Manchu rule, the Han people invented the saying that their uncle died after shaving his head in the first month. Not shaving his head in the first month means not shaving his head in a year, so as to cherish the memory of his ancestors and tradition. In Chinese tradition, uncle is a symbol of justice. Generally, the separation of families is presided over by Uncle justice.


What are the taboos of hairdressing in the first month? The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic · always asked: in spring and March, this is called hair Chen. Heaven and earth are born. All things are proud. They lie at night and get up early, walk widely in the court, and are sent slowly, so that they can aspire to life. They are born without killing, given without taking, and rewarded without punishment. This is the response of spring Qi and the way of health preservation. If they go against it, they will hurt the liver. Summer is cold and change, and few people worship the elderly. "That is to say, spring is the time for all things to germinate and bring forth the new, and should not hinder the growth of new things. Corresponding to the hair, we should let the hair spread out and let it grow freely, rather than cutting it, contrary to the spirit of spring."

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