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Did you spend the Lantern Festival in your mother's house in 2021? What are the taboos

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Lantern Festival has always been said to be round and round. On this day, people will hang round lanterns and get together to taste sweet dumplings. The joy of the festival permeates the streets and alleys, and red lanterns can be seen everywhere. So, on the Lantern Festival, can people celebrate the festival at their mother's house? What taboos will there be?


have you ever been at your mother's house in 2021? From the perspective of traditional culture, the Lantern Festival is not suitable for going back to your mother's house; The Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month is the first full moon of the new year. Therefore, it is traditionally believed that the whole family will not be reunited if their daughter-in-law returns to their mother's house. So it's usually the second day of the first month and the sixteenth day of the first month. In order to take care of the reunion of both sides of the marriage. Luyi County has the saying "please (daughter) on the 16th of the first month, send it on the 2nd of February, and never get sick all your life". The rule that you can't go back to your mother's house on the first and fifteenth day of the first lunar month was very strict in the old society, especially in the countryside. If you violated it, it would be disrespectful. What are the taboos of the Lantern Festival? Taboo 1: don't wash your hair, because "hair" is like rich hair. Washing your hair on this day will empty your wealth and can't save your savings for a year. Taboo 2: the rice VAT can't reach the bottom. On that day, the rice VAT in the kitchen at home can't reach the bottom. It's best to fill the rice vat with rice. Because the rice jar bottomed out, there was an old saying that cooking was in danger. Taboo 3: elders can't beat and scold children. Children cry because of their parents' beating, scolding and scolding, which will bring bad luck to the family. Therefore, parents should try not to let their children cry. It is rumored that the 15th day of the first month is still the birthday of emperor Tiangong, which should be mainly celebrated. Taboo 4: don't make large mechanical working tools or other equipment. If they are damaged on the same day, it means the loss of wealth in the coming year. Therefore, in ancient times, most businessmen would avoid the start and operation of large machinery on this day to avoid bad things.


it is said that Tangyuan originated in the Song Dynasty. At that time, a novel food emerged in Mingzhou (now Ningbo, Zhejiang Province), that is, black sesame and pig board oil were used as stuffing, a little sugar was added, and glutinous rice powder was rubbed into a circle. After cooking, it tastes sweet, soft and glutinous, with endless aftertaste. At the same time, tangyuan symbolizes family reunion. Eating Tangyuan also means family happiness and reunion in the new year, so it is an essential food for the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first month.

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