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How about February 12 of the lunar calendar in 2021? Today's yellow calendar should be avoided

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no matter who wants their life to be perfect and have good results, so we need to be careful about what we have to do, especially about major events. We also pay great attention to the choice of days. Many people choose this day as the top priority.

2021年农历二月十二日子怎么样 今日黄历宜忌

how about February 12 of the lunar calendar in 2021? Lunar calendar: February 12, 2021 (2021-2-12) Gregorian calendar: March 24, 2021 God: Tiande star (zodiac) Tiande Pengzu Baiji: the owner of spicy sauce doesn't taste it, doesn't take medicine, and the poison gas enters the intestines: Chong (Yichou) Niu suisha: Sha Dongna Yin: the earth on the wall is pine and cypress, and the earth is empty beside the road. Value: [Nian] Chen, it's [month] noon, it's not [day], Haifu God direction: Southwest happiness God direction: Southwest wealth God direction: due east Yang noble God: Northeast Yin noble God: due south

2021年农历二月十二日子怎么样 今日黄历宜忌

Today's Almanac is appropriate: pray for marriage, move to what is needed, break the earth, start drilling, repair burial, bury money, open up treasure, open up a market, seal a memorial ceremony, sacrifice a son, go to a funeral row, enter school, cut clothes and make money, avoid: lawsuits, beams, upright columns, bed making, building, earth moving, acupuncture and moxibustion, travel, and seek medical advice,


, which day is the world's day of tuberculosis prevention and control. At the end of 1995, WHO will be the world's TB Day every March 24th to commemorate the discovery of tuberculosis pathogens by Robert Coelho, a German microbiologist in 1882, to a group of German doctors in Berlin. In order to remind the public to deepen their understanding of tuberculosis.

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