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On February 13 of the lunar calendar in 2021, the Yellow calendar should not explain in detail. Is it a good day

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life, we like to choose a good day when we have a wedding, and it has gradually become our habit. Everyone's birthday is different. Therefore, even if we have to do the same things, the selected auspicious day may be different, and the impact on everyone is also different. Therefore, we should choose a day suitable for ourselves.

2021年农历二月十三黄历宜忌详解 这天日子好不好

how about February 13 of the lunar calendar in 2021? Lunar calendar: February 13, 2021 (2021-2-13) Gregorian calendar: March 25, 2021 Lu: Hai ordered each other, Lu Geng ordered Lu LiuYao: friends led the Twelve Gods: value God: Heaven killed the stars (underworld) white tigers collided: Chong (Bingyin) Tiger year old Sha: Sha dongnian three Sha: Sha Dongyin mountain, Mao mountain, Chen mountain, moon three Sha: Sha xishen mountain, you mountain, Xu mountain, sun three Sha: Sha Nansi mountain, Wu mountain, Weishan mountain, great funeral auspicious time: call not near in the future, Shen time and Hai time: Ding Si, Ren Yin and Ren Shen


Today's yellow calendar should avoid detailed explanation: pray for marriage and bed as a stove, break the ground, open the drill, repair the grave and bury, lift the medical litigation and financial litigation, build the well, plant the cover, put on the beam and vertical column to worship the ancestors. Avoid: live separately, open the market, make vouchers, ship goods, go to the office, go to the house, move and open the warehouse

2021年农历二月十三黄历宜忌详解 这天日子好不好

The celebrity born on this day was born in 1924: Kyoko was born. She was the actress who won the most international awards for Japanese films after the war. 1928: American astronaut Jim Lowell was born on the Apollo 13 mission. 1942: Aretha Franklin, a famous American female singer. 1947: Elton John, British piano rocker. 1976: Che Taixian, Korean actor, representative works: my savage girlfriend, general hospital 2, etc. 1976: Liang Yongqi, Chinese female singer. 1976: Bai Zhiying, Korean female singer. 1978: Peng Tan, Chinese singer. 1979: Paul Castellini, a famous Italian football player. 1979: Lee pace, a famous American actor, plays the ELF KING in the hobbit. 1983: Cao Bingkun, Chinese actor. 1986: He Jie, Chinese female singer 1986: Kyle Lowry, NBA Houston Rockets player. 1987: Liang Wenbo, a famous snooker player in China. 1991: Liang Bo, 2012 China good voice champion "good voice of the year". 1993: Fukumoto AI Cai, Japanese actress. 1999: Song Weilong, Chinese actor.

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