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What is the ninth day of the second month of the lunar calendar in 2021? The Yellow calendar should avoid daily inquiry

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marriage, relocation and opening are all major events in our life. Since ancient times, we have paid special attention to major events. Generally, we will pick a auspicious day for these major events, hoping to have a good start. Although we don't know whether it can really have an effect, this is our vision for the future, hoping to bring good luck.

2021年农历二月初九是什么日子 黄历宜忌每日查询

what is the ninth day of the second lunar month in 2021 lunar calendar: the ninth day of the second lunar month (2021-2-9) Gregorian calendar: 2021-03-21 Nain: the earth pine and cypress trees on the wall died in the air. It was [year] Chen, it was [month] noon, and it was [day] Xu, Haifu God direction: due north happiness God direction: Southeast wealth God direction: due north Yang God: Northeast Yin God: Southwest solar terms: Spring equinox 2021-03-20 17:37:19 solar terms: Qingming 2021-04-04 21:34:58 year three evils: Sha Dongyin Mountain Mao mountain Chen mountain moon three evils: Sha xishen mountain you mountain Xu Mountain Sun three evils: Sha Nansi mountain noon

2021年农历二月初九是什么日子 黄历宜忌每日查询

yellow calendar in Shanwei mountain should be avoided. Daily inquiry should be avoided: build a vertical column to accept money and ask for children, plant sacrifices to ancestors, travel for grazing, ask for money and seek medical treatment. Lifting taboo: move into the house, worship, pray for blessings and bed, marry Shangliang, bury, break the ground and mourn livestock   What is the day of


world children's song day. In 1976, the world children's song day was founded at the Biennial International Poetry conference in knock, Belgium. Children under the age of 13 hold celebrations every year on March 21 (the fourth of the 24 solar terms, the spring equinox), the first day of spring. World Poetry Day. UNESCO celebrates World Poetry Day on March 21 every year in order to promote the creation, reading and publication of poetry, a beautiful cultural form. The 30th General Conference of UNESCO, held in Paris in 1999, decided to declare March 21 as world poetry day. World down syndrome day. In December 2011, the United Nations General Assembly designated March 21 as world down syndrome day and held activities for this purpose every year from 2012.

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