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How about the eighth day of the first month of 2021

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The homonym of

eight is "hair", so many people mistakenly think that the eighth day of the ninth lunar month is a good day, but in fact, it is not the date that determines the quality of a day, but various matters in the Yellow calendar. It is good or bad. From a comprehensive point of view, we can get the quality of a day. If we make a simple decision, we may choose the wrong time.

风景33 (3)

how about the eighth day of the first month of 2021? Gregorian calendar: Friday, February 19, 2021, lunar calendar: the eighth day of the first month of 2021 (small). Ganzhi: Xin Chou year, Geng Yin month, 1898, Chong Sha: Chong Long (ren Chen) Sha, North Star: Zui Su (mouth fire monkey) Zodiac signs of this life: it belongs to the cow fetal God Zhanfang: it lives in the house bed. NANPENG Zu's Taboos: Wu is not affected by the misfortune of the field owner, Xu does not eat dogs to make trouble, and goes to bed. Solar terms: rain (February 18) auspicious gods should tend to: Fu Xing, Sanhe, Tianfu, Tianxi, Yangde, evil gods should avoid: falling Jiasha, earth fire, Feilian, divine number, death, four strikes It is advisable to be tired of the month on the same day: [if the daily value is killed, don't use it for major events]; Move, decorate, start business, get married, enter the house, get a license, start work, start work, move, get engaged, beam, open, travel, enter the school, go to the post, build, sacrifice, open the market, accept money, cut clothes, marry, accept mining, migrate, set up a voucher, seek medical treatment, erect a column, seek money, and avoid the day of litigation: [daily death, major events do not use]; Praying for blessings, receiving livestock, meridians, planting, fasting, litigation, buying property, filing a lawsuit and boating. The information displayed in the Yellow calendar shows that the death on the eighth day of the first month is a kind of fierce day.

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how about the divinatory symbols on the eighth day of the lunar new year? The Qian divinatory symbol is high inside and low outside. The middle divinatory symbol [Xiangyue]: God gives the poor a gold seal. If they don't compete, they won't grab two equal shares. If they get the gold, all their plans will be fulfilled. This hexagram is a superposition of different hexagrams (lower Gen and upper Kun). Gen is the mountain and Kun is the ground. There are mountains on the ground. The ground is low (low) and the mountains are high. It is a metaphor for high achievement, high reputation and high position. This is humility. [career]: it has not been valued, but it will eventually be discovered because of its noble character. You don't have to show it intentionally, especially don't give up the virtue of humility. If you work hard, you will get help from others and make great achievements in your career. [name seeking]: he is born with the ability to surpass others, but he doesn't like to show himself. At first, he is often buried. As long as he doesn't lose heart, he continues to study hard, remains modest and studious, and greater success is in the future. [going out]: prepare well in advance and pay attention on the way. Safety can be ignored gradually. [marriage and love]: the cause of a happy marriage is the joint operation of two people. Otherwise, the love will not succeed and the family will not be harmonious.

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