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Is it appropriate for the Yellow calendar to seek wealth on the eleventh day of the first month of 2021? What is the orientation of the God of wealth on the eleventh day of the lunar new year

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according to the concept of feng shui theory, if people choose a lucky day and a good God of wealth, they can have better fortune and accumulate more wealth. The joy of the Spring Festival continued until the eleventh day of the first month, and people began to return to work and continue to make money. So, is it suitable to ask for money on the eleventh day of the first month?


is it appropriate for the Yellow calendar to ask for money on the eleventh day of the first month of 2021? On Monday, February 22, 2021, the eleventh genus cattle [Yi] of the first month (small) married and opened the market to offer sacrifices, seek medical treatment, open a working stove for funeral, get a certificate, open the door to accept mining, recruit redundant burial and get married         Making vouchers, praying for wealth, getting engaged, plugging a hole, setting up a bed, asking for an heir [taboo] buying property, migrating, returning to Ning, tourism, decoration, opening a warehouse, breaking out of action, building a moving house, acupuncture, building a warehouse, building a dike, accepting livestock vertical column [God of wealth] due east although it is not shown in the old yellow calendar that asking for wealth on January 11, 2021 is in the appropriate column, it is not taboo, So you can still make money on this day. What's the stress of the sacrifice on the eleventh day of the first month of 2021? The sacrifice is generally carried out in the morning. After the offerings were arranged, the family sent their children to the street to buy some five-color paper, ghost coins and incense foil for standby. The five color paper is red, yellow, blue, white and black. It is thin, and some of them are sandwiched with cotton. After lunch, the housewife cleaned up the pot and asked the whole family to go to the grave and burn cold clothes. Taboo items: all clothes, banknotes and other things given to the deceased must be burned. Only when they are burned cleanly, can these Yang world papers be transformed into silk and satin cloth, house clothes, gold, silver and copper money in the underworld. As long as one point is not burned, all previous efforts will be wasted and dead people can't use it. Therefore, we should be particularly careful when burning cold clothes on October 1. Although this kind of action seems funny, it also reflects the grief and respect of the living for the dead, which belongs to a kind of spiritual sustenance.


what day is the eleventh day of the first month? The eleventh day of the first month is one of the traditional Chinese lunar festivals. This is the day when the father-in-law entertains his son-in-law. In addition to eating for one day on the tenth day of the ninth day, there are still a lot of food left over from the ninth day of the ninth day of the lunar new year. Therefore, the mother's family doesn't have to spend any more money to entertain her son-in-law and daughter with the rest of the food. The Chinese folk song is called "inviting a son-in-law on the eleventh day".

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