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What is the custom of worshipping God on the second day of the ninth day

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everyone has their own yearning for their own life in this world. And for every people, the traditional festival Spring Festival has its special cultural meaning and moral meaning. Then when the Spring Festival comes, people will clean up and so on. After the Spring Festival, people will also receive or send God to pray for peace and health in the new year.

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what gods do you need to worship on the second day of the first month? In the folk traditional customs and culture, the North worships the God of wealth on the second day of the first month. On this day, both commercial shops and ordinary families have to hold activities to worship the God of wealth. Families offered sacrifices to the God of wealth on New Year's Eve. Wonton, commonly known as "Yuanbao soup", will be eaten at noon. Fish and mutton were sacrificed. Big businesses in old Beijing have large-scale sacrificial activities on this day. The offerings should use "five offerings", that is, the whole pig, the whole sheep, the whole chicken, the whole duck, the red live carp and so on, hoping to make a lot of money. Why should we sacrifice the God of wealth on the second day of the first month? The second day of every year is the day when old Beijing respects the God of wealth. On this day, people have to rush to the God of wealth temple to burn "head incense". There are two God of wealth temples in old Beijing. One is Liuli bridge outside Guang'an gate, called "Wuxian God of wealth Temple". The temple fair is held from the second day of the first month to the sixteenth day of the first month every year, so the second day of the first month becomes the day to sacrifice the God of wealth. In fact, according to the legend, the birthday of the God of wealth is the fifth day of the first month. In the past, pilgrims came to the temple and Guang'an gate in the middle of the night to wait for "head incense". After the incense ceremony, you have to "invite" some red velvet flowers, gold paper flowers and gold ingots with the words "Fu" and "Shou" to go home from the God of wealth temple. This is to invite "Fu" home. If you get rich in the coming year, you have to go to the temple to repay your wish, return the paper and gold ingots "please" home to the temple, and double buy new paper and gold ingots. Therefore, temple wishes get rich and become better and better.

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what are the Customs on the second day of the new year? On the second day of the first month, the married daughter returns to her mother's house with her husband and children to pay New Year's greetings. When a daughter returns to her mother's house, she must make a large bag of biscuits and candy, which will be distributed by her mother to the neighbors, just like the scene of the Chinese New Year. If there are more than one daughter in the family, and these daughters do not return on the same day, they will come once. The gift is quite thin, just four biscuits. However, it reflects strong affection. The real thing is that "etiquette is light and affection is heavy". It expresses the girl's many thoughts for the villagers.

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