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Why do you need to pay attention to your uncle on the second day of junior high school

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everyone has their own parents, not jumping out of the crack of a stone. While enjoying family care and love, they also need to learn to be grateful to their parents, relatives and friends around them. Especially the one who has the greatest influence on himself, and there is the custom of paying New Year's greetings during the Spring Festival. So what are the precautions at this time?

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why do you need to worship your uncle on the second day of the lunar new year? In people's life, anyone who has an uncle must go to his uncle's house on the second day of the lunar new year. Uncle and uncle are like father. In the local countryside, uncle's authority is very high. In the past, in the village, whenever brothers separated or quarreled with their parents, They all ask their uncles to mediate. When they meet an unfilial nephew, their uncles can beat people with a stick. Even their parents don't have such authority at a critical time. There is a saying well said. My mother's uncle is big and my father's uncle is big. In some daily rituals, my uncle's face is much bigger than my uncle's. for example, in local rural areas, whenever a daughter gets married, he sends her off by his uncle. When you go to the man's house, you should arrange a separate room for reception. The treatment can be described as the guest of honor among the guests of honor. Even if you sit, you must also be seated, That's for sure. What else should we pay attention to on the second day of the first month? On this day, the married daughter goes back to her mother's house with her husband and children to pay New Year's greetings to her parents. One gift should be prepared for her father and one for her mother. Now there are usually four gifts. We must give double gifts to make good things come in pairs. At the same time, prepare red envelopes (lucky money), give them to your mother's children and stay at your mother's house for lunch. After dinner, take a picture of the whole family, then talk with your relatives, talk about the past, say some happy words, and then go back to your home quickly and happily, which is more smooth.



       What should I pay attention to when I go back to my mother's house on the second day of the Spring Festival? Generally speaking, a married daughter should bring her husband's mother's house. When she comes home, she should bring gifts, called carrying hands or accompanying hands. However, there are both numerical and homophonic stresses in sending new year gifts. The first is to send "double children" instead of "single children", which means "good things in pairs". The picture is auspicious. The types of snack boxes or fruit baskets should be even, four, six or eight. Secondly, pay attention to the homonym of the annual gift. The homonym of some things is "taboo" and should not be given to others. Do not send pears when sending fruits, because "pear" is homonymous with "Li", which is unlucky; Do not send the clock, "send the clock" and "send the end" are homophonic; "Book" is homonymous with "lose" when giving gifts to businessmen. Pay attention to sending wine during the new year, because "wine" is homonymous with "long", which means "forever", which is very beautiful.

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