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How about worshipping Buddha on the second day of junior high school

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have their own ideas and their desired life in people's hearts, so there are many rules and principles to follow on the way of life, especially when people celebrate the Spring Festival. So on the second day of the first month, how can you better let yourself have a new development next?

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it is not suitable to worship Buddha on the second day of the first month. In people's life, the second day of the first month is to sacrifice the God of wealth. On this day, both commercial shops and ordinary families should hold activities to sacrifice the God of wealth. Families offered sacrifices to the God of wealth on New Year's Eve. Wonton, commonly known as "Yuanbao soup", will be eaten at noon. Fish and mutton were sacrificed. Big businesses in old Beijing have large-scale sacrificial activities on this day. The offerings should use "five offerings", that is, the whole pig, the whole sheep, the whole chicken, the whole duck, the red live carp, etc., hoping to make a lot of money. On this day, people should rush to the God of wealth temple to burn "head incense" and pray for blessings.. What is particular about worshipping Buddha on the second day of the lunar new year? Generally, the main hall of a temple has two doors, one in the middle and two small doors on both sides. It is also taboo to burn incense and worship Buddha. If you are not a monk or nun, you'd better not go through the middle door. The middle door is called the empty door, and only monks can go in and out. The doors on both sides can be used for pilgrims to enter and exit. Pay attention to the right foot when entering the door. The man took his left foot. You must not step on the threshold. This is disrespectful to the Buddha. Just step directly into the hall. People who come to worship Buddha should be pious and their hands should be clean, because they should bow and take incense, so they should be clean. When you come to worship Buddha, you should pay attention to what you say in the hall. Don't talk or make noise. Don't point at any Buddha statue. Due to the large number of people who come to worship the Buddha and the large number of futons in the hall, it should be noted that when burning incense and worshipping the Buddha, do not cross the futon, otherwise it will be regarded as disrespectful and unlucky.


precautions for worshiping Buddha on the second day of the first month. When people burn incense and worship Buddha on the second day of the first month, believers take three incense sticks, light them in the light, hold them in their hands, and walk to the Buddha with respect and sincerity. Facing the statue of Buddha, stand respectfully, hold incense in both hands, and turn to the Buddha with a pure heart. You can silently recite your request in your heart. I hope the Buddha can hear it. When holding incense, the hand is like an inquiry. The forefinger and middle finger of both hands hold the incense foot, and the two thumbs against the end of the incense foot. Hang on. Hold the incense flat between your eyebrows, level with your eyebrows, keep your eyes clean, watch the solemn Buddha statue, watch your nose and nose, and watch your heart. Integrity is what you want in your heart. Put down the incense, hold the incense foot in your right hand and insert the incense in your left hand. The distance between the two incense is five minutes. This is the most important thing they need to pay attention to.

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