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Matters needing attention during the second lunar New Year

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every day's life is different for everyone, or it is a new day. In the new day, people also need new development and new cognition. During the Chinese new year, everyone is inevitably happy, but at this time, we also need to pay attention to the taboos in the Spring Festival and other things.


what do you say about new year's greetings? In people's life, new year's greetings are actually a traditional custom of Chinese people and a way for people to leave the old and welcome the new and express good wishes to each other. In ancient times, the original meaning of the word "New Year's greetings" was to pay homage to the elderly for the new year, including kowtowing to the elderly, congratulating the elderly on the happy new year, greeting life and so on. In case of relatives and friends of the same generation, we should also give gifts and congratulations. With the development of the times, the custom of paying New Year's greetings has been adding new contents and forms. In addition to following the previous New Year's greetings, etiquette telegram New Year's greetings, telephone New Year's greetings, SMS New Year's greetings, network new year's greetings and other forms have sprung up. There is a legend about why there are ghosts on the second day of the new year. Shi Hongbao of the Qing Dynasty said in Volume 1 of Min miscellany: Immortals travel and customs, and the second day of the first month is the ghost new year. On this day, the salt closed its doors to set up a supply and did not travel between Hunan and Hunan. If the exile in another place doesn't know, congratulate him,   They also firmly refuse to accept it. They think that if they commit it, the host and guest will be disadvantageous. This custom actually arises from the concept of the integration of yin and Yang. It is believed that the spirits of the underworld also have the custom of celebrating the new year. The dead pay homage to each other in the new year, just as   Before he died. However, the New Year celebrations begin on the first day of the world, and the underworld closes its doors on the second day of the first month. It is a ghost that sets up offerings for ancestors to celebrate the new year   Guest. Those who go to worship and congratulate are ghosts, and those who are worshipped and congratulated are also ghosts. Therefore, it is taboo for people to go to worship and congratulate, which is unlucky.


precautions for new year's greetings on the second day of the first month. Oh, when you pay New Year's greetings to your friends, you only kowtow to the Buddha three times as soon as you enter the door. If you are the same generation as your master, you only have to bow down. If you are older than yourself, you should still take the initiative to kneel down. The master should step down from his seat and show support, and even say no salute to show humility. In this case, it is generally inappropriate to sit for a long time. If you have two polite words, you should leave. After the master is worshipped, he should pay homage on another day. For the neighbors, there is not much contact in the past, but it can be said when they meet. At the new year's Eve, they just go to the courtyard and hug each other and say, "Gongxi makes a fortune" and "Yishun Baishun". They just sit in the room for a while without too much etiquette.

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