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What can't you do on the second day of junior high school? What do you need to do

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every day, people have things to do and things they can't do. Moreover, because the time is constantly changing, their things are constantly changing, and their luck will also affect their daily life. Therefore, we need to know more and pay attention to what can't be done, especially during the spring Festival.

全国爱眼日 无字

what are the folk customs on the second day of the first month? In the north, the God of wealth is sacrificed on the second day of the first month. On this day, both commercial shops and ordinary families will hold activities to sacrifice the God of wealth. Families offered sacrifices to the God of wealth on New Year's Eve. In fact, they incinerated the rough printed matter they bought. Wonton, commonly known as "Yuanbao soup", will be eaten at noon. Fish and mutton were sacrificed. Big businesses in old Beijing have large-scale sacrificial activities on this day. The offerings should use "five offerings", that is, the whole pig, the whole sheep, the whole chicken, the whole duck and the red live carp, hoping to make a lot of money this year. What do you need to do on the second day of the new year? On the second day of the first month, the married daughter returns to her mother's house with her husband and children to pay New Year's greetings. When a daughter returns to her mother's house, she must make a large bag of biscuits and candy, which will be distributed by her mother to the neighbors, just like the scene of the Chinese New Year. If there are more than one daughter in the family, and these daughters do not return on the same day, they will come once. The gift is quite thin, just four biscuits. However, it reflects a strong affection. The real thing is that "etiquette is light and affection is heavy". It expresses the girl's yearning for the villagers.


it is not suitable to do anything on the second day of the first month. As the old saying goes, cutting scissors on the second day of the first month is inevitable. Sharp things, in the view of the ancients, do not meet the aspirations of peace in the new year and are easy to bring right and wrong and trouble to the family. Therefore, it is unlucky for something with a blade such as scissors to accidentally cut their fingers and bleed on the occasion of the new year. In order to avoid bad phenomena, the old ancestors tried not to move on that day, so as to promote happiness and avoid disaster. In the past new year, some people sold the God of wealth. Even if they didn't want to buy it, they had to answer it tactfully -- once they bought it, they mustn't say "no" to avoid bad luck. In addition, many parts of China have the custom of offering sacrifices to gods to bless the good weather and everything in the new year. If you don't believe in God, as long as you speak and act carefully, good luck will naturally exist. Especially in places with statues, don't say nonsense. After all, when the whole family is happy in the new year, everyone wants to paint a happy picture and say more happy words. Others will be happy if they listen to it.

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