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Can't you wash your hair and take a bath on the second day of junior high school? Precautions

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for everyone, love cleanliness is often an idea in their hearts, because their external image is very important to themselves and others. It will also become a basis for others to judge themselves. If the external image is better, it can give people a particularly good feeling. But it takes time to pay attention to hygiene.


is the second day of the first month suitable for shampoo and bathing? There is no stress on the second day of the new year. You can take a bath, sweep the floor and wash your hair. The second day of the lunar new year refers to the second day of January of the lunar calendar. Sacrificing the God of wealth and going back to his mother's house is a very distinctive custom of the Han nationality. On this day, the married daughter of the Han people will go back to her mother's house, and the husband and son-in-law will go together, so it is commonly known as welcoming the son-in-law day. When you go home, you should bring gifts, which are called carrying hands or accompanying hands. On the second day of the lunar new year, the married daughter will take her husband and children back to her mother's house to pay New Year's greetings. The daughter who returns to her mother's house must bring some gifts and red envelopes to give to her children and have lunch at her mother's house. Not only that, in the past, the family also chose this day to take a family photo. Children will carry carp lanterns to beg for kindness. The custom of going back to her mother's house on the second day of the lunar new year provides an opportunity for the sisters who have not seen each other for a long time to talk about the past and talk about family affairs. On the second day of the new year, shampoo with cold water is the most irritating to the scalp, and the harm is much more serious than shampoo in the morning! Washing your hair in too hot water will also hurt your hair follicles. The best water temperature should be maintained at about 40 degrees. You can feel a little hotter than your body temperature. If it's too cold to wash your hair in winter, you can open a Yuba, and don't wash your hair with overheated water. When washing your hair with a shower, many people stand straight, but the impact of the water flow may lead to greater traction on the hair on your head and more hair loss. Therefore, the better way is to lower your head as much as possible, which can reduce the impact on your hair and promote the blood circulation of your head. It is very practical for hair protection and growth.


what are the precautions on the second day of the first month? For the new year, the lights at home should be bright for three consecutive days, that is, from the new year's Eve to the second day of the new year, contact for three days, and turn on all the lights at home, implying the prosperity of the people. However, on the third day of the new year, except for the normal lights, the other lights don't need to be on. Because this day is a "Mouse Wedding" day, you must turn off the lights and go to bed early after night, so that the mouse family can hold a wedding and sprinkle salt and rice everywhere in the house, which is called "mouse money".

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