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What can't be done on the second day of the new year? What should we pay attention to

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everyone has their own taboos, or everyone has their own bottom line, so at the time of family reunion in the Spring Festival. What should we pay attention to? This is an issue that everyone needs to pay special attention to. So what taboos people can't do on the second day of the new year?

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what is taboo on the second day of the first month? Among the folk customs, it is inevitable to use scissors on the second day of the first month. Sharp things, in the view of the ancients, do not meet the aspirations of peace in the new year and are easy to bring right and wrong and trouble to the family. Therefore, it is unlucky for things with blades such as scissors to accidentally cut their fingers and bleed on the occasion of the new year. In order to avoid bad phenomena, the old ancestors tried not to move on that day, so as to seek blessings and avoid disasters and pray for peace and joy. What should we pay attention to on the second day of the new year? We should pay attention to turning on the lights on the second day of the new year. The lights at home should be bright for three consecutive days, that is, from the new year's Eve to the second day of the new year, contact for three days, and turn on all the lights at home, implying the prosperity of the people. However, on the third day of the new year, except for the normal lights, the other lights don't need to be on. Because this is the day of "Mouse Wedding", we must turn off the lights and go to bed early after night, so that the mouse family can hold a wedding and sprinkle salt and rice everywhere in the house, which is called "mouse money".


what are the Customs on the second day of the first month? The most important thing is that the noodles on the second day of the first day should be made of dumpling noodles. And this side must be cold soup. That is, the noodles are cooked and soaked in cold water, which is called cold soup. Nowadays, people usually make lasagna or fried sauce into lasagna or fried sauce noodles. But it must be soaked in cold water to preserve the custom of "the face of the second day of junior high school". The married daughter will go back to her mother's house and the husband will go with her. Therefore, it is commonly known as welcoming the son-in-law day. When you go home, you should bring gifts, which are called carrying hands or accompanying hands. In particular, everyone needs to pay attention to the matter of returning to their mother's house, which is related to what kind of development they will have in the new year and what kind of road they will have to choose in the future.

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