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Can I take a nap on the second day of the new year? What are the taboos

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sleeping seems to be a very common and ordinary thing, but it is also paid attention to by many people. Because people also need to have a regular work and rest habit in their own life, which will affect their health. And during the new year, the time you sleep and the length of sleep will affect your development in the next year.


can you take a nap on the second day of the first month? On the second day of the new year, you can't take a nap during the day, otherwise you will be very lazy all year round. The implication is that many guests come home to pay New Year's greetings during the new year. If you take a nap, it will be impolite and have a negative impact on the family. On the second day of the new year, it is also taboo to return to his mother's house on the day of welcoming his son-in-law. When his husband and son-in-law go together, they can't return empty handed, and the gifts to his mother's house must be even, and the odd is unlucky. The second day of the Lunar New Year is the birthday of the God of water, so avoid washing clothes. Women are not allowed to worship in shorts and short clothes. A taboo to the God of wealth. In the old days, there were those who came to the door to sell the image of the God of wealth. Those who didn't want to buy it could only answer what they had. They taboo saying no to avoid bad luck. Avoid dumping sewage, garbage and sweeping the floor. Don't engage in sweeping, because it's easy to sweep away the wealth of the family. During the Chinese new year, fish is a necessary dish, which is called "surplus". When eating fish, you should leave your head and tail behind, which means that there is not only food and clothing, but also surplus in the coming year.

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what is suitable for the second day of the first month? On this day, the daughter suitable for marriage returns to her mother's house with her husband and children to pay New Year's greetings. When a daughter returns to her mother's house, she must make a large bag of biscuits and candy, which will be distributed by her mother to the neighbors, just like the scene of the Chinese New Year. If there are more than one daughter in the family, and these daughters do not return on the same day, they will come once. The gift is quite thin, just four biscuits. However, it reflects a strong affection. The real thing is that "etiquette is light and affection is heavy". At the same time, it also expresses the married daughter's deep longing for her hometown.

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