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On February 21 of the lunar calendar in 2021, the Yellow calendar should not query what day it is today

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February 21 of the lunar calendar in 2021 is the new calendar Friday. Through the query of the old yellow calendar, we can know that it is an auspicious day, which is worth God in Jingui. However, this day is not very good for the dog people of the Chinese zodiac. This day clashes with the dog people of the Chinese zodiac, which is considered unlucky and unlucky in our life.

2021年农历二月二十一黄历宜忌查询 今天是什么日子

what day is February 21 of the lunar calendar in 2021? Lunar calendar: February 21, 2021 (2021-2-21) Gregorian calendar: 2021-04-02 opposition: Opposition (Jiaxu) Gousuisha: East blessing God direction: Southwest happiness God direction: Northwest God of wealth direction: due east Yang noble God: Northeast Yin noble God: Southwest auspicious God should trend: keep the sun in auspicious times, heaven's grace and moon's sky, evil spirits should avoid: kill three funerals with a single fire axe, suffer the death of heaven and moon, and the value of air death: [Nian] Chen, it's [month] noon, it's not [day], you


Today's yellow calendar should avoid inquiry should: build houses, go to office, pray for blessings, fasting, move to accept money and ask for children, plant on the upper beam of the vertical column, plant earth to worship ancestors, go out to herd, ask for money and seek medical treatment, remove taboos: bury animals in bed, break the earth and bury them   What happened today in the history of


, 2021年农历二月二十一黄历宜忌查询 今天是什么日子,


: in 1792, the U.S. Congress passed the coinage act and the U.S. Mint was established. A dollar is defined as containing 24.1 grams of pure silver. 1902: the world's first cinema "tally's electric" (Terry's power plant) opened in Los Angeles, California. 1950: the Central Academy of drama was established. 1974: the Hong Kong Consumer Council was established.

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