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How about going out to work on the third day of the first month? Is it lucky to go out on the third day of the new year in 2021

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each of us will arrange the things we need to do before going out and prepare for some possible accidents. For example, choosing a good day for travel is actually a kind of preparation. Many elders at home will pay more attention to the day of travel, which is also a kind of comfort for everyone.


how about going out to work on the third day of the first month of 2021? If it is appropriate to go out, please refer to the Yellow calendar, customs or the eight characters of birth date. Is it lucky to go out on the third day of the lunar new year [lunar calendar] the third day of January, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] February 14, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong Zhu (Ding Hai) Sha Dong [Yi] got married and got a license, gave birth to a son, broke ground, engaged and proposed to take office, got married, took possession of treasure, Pingzhi road Tu [Ji] Shangliang built a house, built it into a house, opened the market, buried it and opened the drill   Bridge building vertical column decoration, livestock planting, sacrifice and moving   The meridians are fragrant and break the earth   Opening warehouse, lifting embankment, praying for blessing and starting business   Dig a well, seek medical advice, open a warehouse and set up a voucher [Peng Zu's taboo] Kui doesn't have a strong argument, the enemy is weak, and the enemy is no longer far away. The property is hidden [Xingxiu] Kuiyu (Kuiyu Wolf) [auspicious God should tend] Baoguang live Yao Xiangri [ferocious God should avoid] the fire is desolate, the dragon and tiger Trojan horse God is separated from the God of death, Tiangang tile is trapped in five empty walks, the disaster moon is harmful to Zhu Finch, [LiuYao] takes the first [Twelve Gods] Ping Zhiwei [Xi Shen] southeast [Fu Shen] northeast [phenology] Yuzhi negative ice [cake sharing] six people [water control] two dragons [farming] eleven cattle farming [Yang Guishen] southeast [Yin Guishen] due east from yellow, it is not recommended to travel today. If you need a good auspicious day with your eight characters, please go below [auspicious day of travel] you can inquire.


travel related to the new year should be avoided. There is a custom of not going out on the third day of the new year in China. The third day of the new year is also called "Red Dog Day" It is an unlucky day. Red dog is the God of anger. Red dog is one of the so-called five emperors of the ancient divination family, that is, the God of the south. It is generally believed that bad luck will happen. Therefore, stay at home on this day to avoid evil spirits and worship ancestors and gods. In addition, the day when you collide with yourself in the new year is the most unfavorable. Therefore, it is suggested to choose an auspicious day before the 15th day of the lunar calendar.

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