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On February 20 of the lunar calendar in 2021, the old yellow calendar should avoid today. How's the day

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the new calendar on February 20 of the lunar calendar in 2021 is April 1, which is what we call April Fool's day. On this day, many people will try to catch the people around them and play a role in entertainment. Moreover, this day has gradually become a day for many people to confess. Even if the confession fails, it will not be too humiliating. They can also be friends and jokes.

2021年农历二月二十老黄历宜忌 今天日子好吗

how about February 20 of the lunar calendar in 2021? Lunar calendar: February 20, 2021 (February 20, 2021) Gregorian calendar: April 1, 2021 eight characters: Xin Chou, Xin Mao, Ji Mao, fetal God: zhanhu window - just west outside the gate, auspicious God Yi trend: yuedehe Qilin day does not guard the tomb, Daming Fu Xingguan day Liuyi, long De, Tianen, ferocious and evil should be avoided: God is in prison the next day, the earth house is tired of bragging about the moon building, suisha: Sha dongnaiyin: the earth pine and cypress on the wall, and the earth at the head of the city is dead in the air It's worth: [Nian] Chen, it's [month] afternoon, and it's not [day], the three evils of the unitary year: the three evils of the Mao mountain in the East Yin Mountain, the three evils of the Chen mountain, the moon: the three evils of the Xu mountain in the Youshan mountain in the West Shen mountain,


in the Xushan mountain in the Youshan mountain in the West Shen mountain. The daily yellow calendar should avoid: marry, move to the house, open the market and set up a bed for cooking stoves, fix graves, pray for money, go to any job, plant and feed livestock   Avoid: worship ancestors, build land, buy property, break land, build dikes, release water, ask for children, ship goods, bury upper beam vertical columns, start drilling and lift boating


, 2021年农历二月二十老黄历宜忌 今天日子好吗,


. Celebrities born on this day 1920: Japanese actor minro Sancho was born. 1929: Czech writer Milan Kundera was born. 1946: Chinese mainland actor Feng Enhe was born. 1953: Barry Thornfield, a famous American male director. Representative works "man in black", etc. 1979: Chinese host Zhang Lei was born. 1980: WWE superstar Randy Orton was born 1981: Mainland Chinese film and television actor Zhang Danfeng was born 1981: Taiwan actor Liu Xinyou was born. 1982: Chinese male boxer Zhang Xiaoping was born. 1988: American NBA players Brooke Lopez and Robin Lopez (twins) were born. 1990: famous host Liu sen in mainland China was born. 1993: Okamoto Keito Hey! Say! Jump members are born. 1997: British actor ASA Butterfield was born.

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