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Query table of travel auspicious time on the third day of the first month in 2021

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, "looking at the day" and "picking the day" have long become good customs and habits of Chinese traditional culture, so we will choose a good day before doing more important things. For example, if we want to travel, we will select the days that meet the life information of the person to travel through the Yellow calendar selection method before travel, so as to make the things to do go smoothly and the people to travel more calm.

2021年正月初三出行大利方向 大年初三出行吉时查询表

travel auspicious time query table on the third day of the first month of 2021 travel on the third day of the first month of the lunar calendar query Gregorian calendar: February 14, 2021, Sunday lunar calendar: the first month of 2021 (small) Zodiac of the third day of the Lunar New Year: it belongs to the constellation Taurus: Aquarius, RI Lu: you life, mutual Lu, Yi life, Lu nine stars: six white - Green Dragon Star (gold) - auspicious God, six Yao: first negative: morning fierce, Afternoon auspicious Yang and noble God: Southeast Yin and noble God: Zhengdong heavenly stem and earth branch: Xin Chou year Gengyin month Guisi day today should: get married, get engaged, ask for heir, get married, take possession of treasure, Pingzhi Daotu. Today's taboo: move, start business, enter the house, start burial, break the ground, build an Xiang Kai City, accept livestock, start drilling, migrate, build houses, dig wells, set up vouchers, seek medical treatment, plant vertical columns, plant water, open warehouses, build bridges and build embankments


. What's the travel day like today? According to the Yellow calendar, it's taboo to travel today. In addition to referring to the Yellow calendar, the lucky day should best coincide with the eight characters of the life Lord, People's fortunes vary from place to place, and the auspicious time must vary from person to person. At the end of the article, you can choose the auspicious day for travel.

2021年正月初三出行大利方向 大年初三出行吉时查询表

what are you going to do on this day? 1. The third day of junior high school is Millet's birthday. On this day, you should worship and pray, and fast rice to show respect for grains, so as not to reduce grain production in the coming year. 2. Eat zygotes: there is a folk saying: dumplings on the first day, noodles on the second day and zygotes on the third day go home. Obviously, there is a custom of eating zygote on the third day of junior high school. Zygote is one of the Chinese pasta. It is a popular pasta in northern China, especially in Beijing and Tianjin. It is a small pie with thin skin, belonging to the pie category. It is round. There is only one layer of filling in two layers of thin skin, which needs to be baked with a cake pan. 3. Eat vegetable wrapped rice: "vegetable wrapped rice" is a special Chinese New Year food in Ding'an. Every family will prepare a "vegetable wrapped rice" on the third day of the lunar new year every year. It's not white rice, it's gold and silver treasure, which indicates a wide range of wealth in the New Year!

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