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Is it suitable to travel on the third day of the first month of 2021? What time do you go out

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we are also very welcome to travel on auspicious days in our life. If we have a good auspicious day, we can be blessed all the way, so that our own life, even the life of the whole family, can be blessed. That is to say, saying the auspicious day will have a great impact on our own fortune and the fortune of the people around us, Such a good day to travel can make things easier to succeed.

2021年正月初三适合出行吗 几点出门好

travel on the third day of the first month of 2021 the Yellow calendar query the Gregorian calendar: 2021-02-14 the lunar calendar: the third day of the first month of 2021 (2021-1-3) LiuYao: the first negative Twelve Gods: Ping value God: Tiande star (zodiac) Tiande xiangchong: Chong (Ding Hai) Pig suisha: Sha Dong eight characters: Xin Chou, Geng Yin, GUI Si, fetal God: occupying the room bed - occupying the room bed, North RI Lu in the room: Zi life mutual Lu, c life into Lu nine stars: SANBI - Xuanyuan star (wood) - tranquilizing God (one cow ploughs the land, two dragons control the water, and six people share the cake a day) Peng Zu's Taboos: Kui doesn't have a lawsuit, the reason is weak, the enemy is strong, and he doesn't travel far away. The auspicious God should tend to hide his wealth. Baoguang lives in the sun. It's ferocious. It's taboo: the God of the dragon and tiger Trojan horse is desolate alone. The God of death is separated from the sky Gang tile. It's harmful to the rosefinch. It's appropriate to accept the wealth and treasure to take office, marry and ask for children. It's forbidden to start the road. It's forbidden to go out to the upper beam column to worship the ancestors, pray Water building, capping, bridge building, embankment opening, lifting medical treatment, opening the market, setting up vouchers, meridians, receiving livestock, breaking the ground, drilling and burying, moving into the house, Anxiang


are suitable for travel today? The Yellow calendar should not travel today. In addition to referring to the Yellow calendar, auspicious days are more auspicious when they coincide with the eight characters. Auspicious hours and auspicious days vary from person to person. The following [travel auspicious days] can be selected for you.

2021年正月初三适合出行吗 几点出门好

what are the taboos on this day? 1. Red mouth day: also known as "Red Dog Day", it is an unlucky day to pay New Year's greetings. Red dog is an angry God, and there will be bad things in case of it. Therefore, people usually stay at home on this day to avoid evil spirits. Therefore, it is not suitable to go out or pay New Year's greetings, whether relatives or friends. 2. Avoid lighting the lights: This is the day of "Mouse Wedding". You must turn off the lights and go to bed early after night so that the mouse family can hold a wedding; And sprinkle salt and rice all over the house, which is called "mouse money". 3. It's not suitable to go out on the third day of junior high school, otherwise it's easy to have quarrels and disputes with people, including visiting relatives for new year's greetings. Of course, the host family will not invite guests to the house on this day, which will bring poverty.

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