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How about the third day of the first month of 2021

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happy God is the God of good fortune, which is suitable for divination. When we have a wish and hope that what we do can develop in a good direction, and things can pursue good fortune and avoid evil, we will pray to happy God and help ourselves achieve our wish. On the third day of the first lunar month, the location of the God of happiness is in the southeast. Of course, when doing a wedding, it is inseparable from the God of happiness. The location of auspicious on this day is in the southeast.

2021年大年初三喜神方位查询 正月初三日子好不好

query the location of the God of happiness on the third day of the lunar new year in 2021 lunar calendar: the third day of the first month of 2021 Gregorian calendar: Sunday, February 14, 2021 trunk and branch: the year of the Xin Chou + Geng Yin month + GUI Si day; snake RI Chong (Ding Hai) Pig suisha: suisha East auspicious time: untimely 13:00-15:00 happy God: Southeast Jianxing: Ping Zhiwei value God: Tiande (Zodiac day) today's fetal God: occupying the room and bed, North rilu in the room: Zi life mutual Lu, C, e life into Lu, Peng Zu's taboo: Kui does not have a lawsuit Stars and constellations that have not traveled far: Oriental FangRi rabbit - auspicious Yang and noble God: evil spirits in the southeast should be avoided: single fire, desolation, dragon and tiger, Trojan horse, divine separation, death, Tiangang, tile depression, five emptiness, travel disaster, moon harm, Zhu zhuzhuzhong. Today's old and yellow calendar should: accept wealth, treasure, accept mining, go to office, marry, ask for inheritance, break ground and govern the Tao. Today's old and yellow calendar should be avoided: Shangliang, vertical column Sacrificing, praying, planting, digging canals, releasing water, building houses, building bridges, building embankments, opening warehouses, lifting, seeking medical treatment, opening the market, establishing vouchers, meridians, receiving livestock, breaking the ground, drilling, burial, migration, entering the house and incense. From the perspective of the yellow calendar, today is an auspicious day. It's a good day. People generally refer to the Yellow calendar for guidance, You can also tell whether it is appropriate to do something today through Yiji, or query through the auspicious day tool below.

2021年大年初三喜神方位查询 正月初三日子好不好

what are the Customs on this day? 1. Millet birthday. People think that on the birthday of three millet on the first day of the first month, they wish to sacrifice and pray for the new year, and fast rice. 2. Xiaonian Dynasty. Tianqing Festival. It was a court festival in the Song Dynasty. In the first year of Dazhong Xiangfu, Emperor Zhenzong of the Song Dynasty, it was said that a heavenly edict had fallen to the world. Emperor Zhenzong issued an imperial edict, setting the third day of the first month as the Tianqing Festival, and officials took five days off. Later, it was called the Xiaonian Dynasty, which did not sweep the floor, beg for fire or draw water, which was the same as the Nian Dynasty. 3. Sheep day. The third day of the first month is the day when Nuwa made sheep, so it is called "sheep day". On this day, people can't kill sheep. If the weather is good, it means that the sheep will be well raised and the sheep farmers will have a good harvest.

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