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How about going out on the fourth day of the year of the ox in 2021? When is the best time to travel

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in order to make things develop in the direction we expect, we hope to make some preparations in advance, such as choosing a good travel day at a specific time point, so that we can not only get good blessings and predictions, but also do some good things on a good day, so that we can combine heaven and earth, You can't live without wind and water until you get your travel days.

2021牛年大年初四出门好吗 什么时辰宜出行

go out on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year of the ox in 2021 lunar calendar: the fourth day of the first month of 2021 Gregorian calendar: Monday, February 15, 2021 main branch: Xin Chou year + Geng Yin month + Jiawu Day clash: Ma richong (E) Rat suisha: suisha North auspicious time: Shenshi 15:00-17:00 happy God: Northeast blessing God: Southeast wealth God: Northeast Jianxing: fixed position value God: White Tiger (underworld day) today's fetal God: zhanmen Dui room north rilu: Yin life mutual Lu, Ding, self life into Lu Peng Zu Baiji: A does not open a position Not covering the stars in the afternoon: Oriental heart moon fox - fierce Yang and noble God: evil spirits in the southwest should avoid: white tiger, official amulet, time Yin, dead gas, yellow sand, temporary death amulet, Five ghosts, rest, heavy funeral, daily five elements: sand, stone, gold, old yellow calendar: drilling, grave repair, marriage, blessing, mining, market opening, migration, planting, livestock, voucher making, wealth seeking, house entry, warehouse opening Old Huang Liji's taboos on school entrance, clothing cutting and hairpin crown: separation, CI litigation, bed setting, construction, ground breaking, appointment, ground breaking, funeral, burial, travel, graduation and medical treatment


are suitable for travel today? It's not suitable for travel today. It may be harmful without the approval of the life chart. If you want to seek safety and financial resources, you can refer to the following auspicious day of travel Provide you with accurate matching answers.

2021牛年大年初四出门好吗 什么时辰宜出行

pay attention to what safe means of transportation to take when traveling. When you travel, you must take those safe means of transportation. Don't take those black cars outside the station. This is very dangerous, we must remember. Buy insurance. It's hard for us to ensure that we don't have accidents when we travel. If conditions permit, it is very important that we can buy ourselves an insurance before we travel. Tell your family before you go out. Before we go abroad, we must tell our relatives and friends about our trends, so that if we really have some accidents, we can get the help of our family and friends quickly. Look at the weather. When we decide to travel again, we must check the weather. If the weather is bad. You'd better not go out to avoid accidents.

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