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Query table of travel auspicious time in Dali direction on the fourth day of the first month of 2021

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choose a good day to travel to avoid some disasters. Auspicious days can add to good luck. After this day, it can not only give a good leading role in our future life, but also bring us good luck. Choose a good day to do something we attach great importance to. This is because we really know how to use God according to destiny to choose a good day and a good time to travel, There must be good expectations.

2021年正月初四出行大利方向 大年初四出行吉时查询表

travel on the fourth day of the first month of 2021 lunar calendar: the fourth day of the first month (small) of 2021 Lunar New Year: it belongs to Niu yanggui God: Southwest Yingui God: Northeast heavenly trunk and earth branch: Gengyin month in the year of xinchou, Jiawu day, auspicious God Yi trend: not guarding the tomb, barking, people's day, Sanhe, Shide, Tiangui, Tianma, showing stars, Monthly wealth is ferocious and should be avoided: white tiger, official talisman, Shiyin, dead Qi, yellow sand, temporary sun, dead talisman, Five ghosts, rest and abolish, Heavy funeral today: move and start business, start drilling, dress cutting, marry, accept mining, migrate, build a house, crown and hairpin, erect a voucher, plant, seek wealth and open a warehouse today. Avoid today: decorate, move to a bed, travel, bury, travel, break the ground, build a doctor's speech, lawsuit, funeral, go out of school and file a lawsuit. Is it suitable to travel today? It's not suitable to travel today. It may be disadvantageous without the approval of the life chart, For the sake of safety and financial resources, please refer to the accurate matching answers provided by the following "auspicious day of travel".

2021年正月初四出行大利方向 大年初四出行吉时查询表

this day's travel auspicious hour query table 00:00-00:59 sub hour, auspicious; 01:00-02:59 PM, Ji; 03:00-04:59 am, fierce; 05:00-06:59 Mao hour, Ji; 07:00-08:59 Chenshi, fierce; 09:00-10:59 PM, fierce; 11:00-13:59 noon, Kyrgyzstan; 13:00-15:59 late, fierce; 15:00-16:59 Shenshi, Kyrgyzstan; 17:00-18:59 PM, Kyrgyzstan; 19:00-21:59, fierce; 21:00-23:59, fierce;

knowledge about travel safety 1. Traffic safety is very important and traffic rules should be kept in mind. Keep good habits from childhood, and don't make trouble on the road. 2. Walk on the sidewalk, and there is no sidewalk to the right. Overpass, underpass, crosswalk, crossing the road. 3. One slow, two look and three pass. Don't rush with vehicles. You should obey the rules when cycling. You can't rush through the red light. 4. Pay attention to the safety of riding and queue up to observe the order. Don't stretch your hand out of the window. Hold on to your hand and don't forget.

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