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Can you go far on the eighth day of the lunar new year in 2021? What time is the travel time

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in daily life, people often feel the pressure from all aspects, and even can't breathe. At this time, they need to relax occasionally, so as to relieve our inner pressure. Going out is a good way of self-regulation. How about going out on the eighth day of the lunar new year in 2021? When is the lucky time to go out.

2021年大年初八可以出远门吗 几点是出行吉时

can you go far on the eighth day of the lunar new year in 2021 [lunar calendar] the eighth day of January, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] February 19, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong Long (ren Chen) Sha Bei [Yi] travel, build, seek medical treatment, dress, get married, start school, go to the post, and enter the upper beam of the house   Get a permit to move, marry, open the market and migrate    Litigation and sacrifice [major event not suitable] decoration, wealth seeking, mining, travel, engagement, house building and opening   Legislative bond   Move the land, accept the money, pick up the car [avoid] litigation, pray for blessing, plant and buy property   File a lawsuit   Accept livestock fasting Festival   Boating meridians [fetal God Zhanfang] room bed dwelling room south [Pengzu Baiji] Wu is not affected by the misfortune of the field Lord. Xu doesn't eat dogs. Go to bed [Xingxiu] zuiyu (zihuo monkey) [auspicious God Yi trend] Fu Xing three in harmony with Tianfu Tianxi Yangde [LiuYao] friends lead [God of wealth] due north [rilu] has ordered mutual Lu Geng to enter Lu [nine stars] Er Hei - shetixing (earth) - ferocious God [earth mother's Sutra] poem says: in the year of Tai Sui and Xin Chou, there are a few diseases. Wu Yue sang Ma Hao, Jing Chu Mi Mai Zhen. It rains sweetly in spring and summer, and it rains very hard in autumn and winter. The mulberry tree has a beautiful head, and the silkworm is happy. The people are gradually resting, and the six livestock are wandering. Bu said: Xin Chou cow is the leader, and the height is very poor. The people leave half, happy and good mulberry fields. [lunar phase] the first quarter of the moon auspicious hour: 11:00-13:00 p.m. [divide the cake] six people divide the cake [control the water] two dragons control the water [farming] eleven cattle farming [Yang Guishen] northeast [Yin Guishen] southwest today is a good day to travel, but the adverse factors of eight characters are not ruled out, so it is not recommended to use it directly. The following < travel auspicious day > can match your travel day.

2021年大年初八可以出远门吗 几点是出行吉时

travel precautions and stress 1. The weather is difficult to say. Even if there is a sun in the sky, it may rain immediately as long as the dark clouds are covered. Therefore, when traveling, the necessary rainproof tools must be used. Only with the best and complete preparation can we face the storm calmly. 2. When you are on a mountain road, in an alley or at night, you suddenly hear someone calling your name. Before you know it clearly, you can't promise or look back. It is commonly thought that this may be a test by ghost Kui. 3. Before departure, please be sure to check your car ID and personal ID, buy a newly published traffic map, and indicate your route on the map. Mark the passing cities and choose places to rest and refuel.

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