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Can we go to the grave on the ninth day of the lunar new year in 2021? Should we worship our ancestors and burn paper

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The auspicious day of

has always existed in China, which is very helpful to our daily life. When we do some important things, we can look through the old yellow calendar to see if it is suitable to do these things today. How about going to the grave on the ninth day of the Lunar New Year in 2021?

2021年大年初九可以上坟吗 宜祭祖烧纸吗

Can we go to the grave on the ninth day of the lunar new year in 2021? What's appropriate for the Yellow calendar: engagement and voucher trading, nacai Kaishi tailoring, engagement, buying a car, setting up a bed, bathing the meridians, offering sacrifices to animals, fishing, building a warehouse, crowning hairpin, removing insects, paying God, netting, opening a pool and asking for an heir. What's taboo for the Yellow calendar: burying as a stove, logging as a Liang Jishen Yi trend: Mu Cang, Liu He, Wu Fu, bu Jiang, sacred heart, heavenly blessing, evil spirits, Yi Ji: hekui, robbery, heavy day, gouchen, knife breaking and killing, hook wringing, eight ground breaking, earth prohibition. It can be seen from the perpetual calendar that it is possible to go to the grave to worship our ancestors on the ninth day of the lunar new year.

2021年大年初九可以上坟吗 宜祭祖烧纸吗

what are the sacrificial ceremonies for the public on the ninth day of the lunar new year? They are quite grand. They are usually arranged under the heavenly stove in the main hall. The long bench or low bench is used to place gold paper first, and then the eight immortals table is stacked high as the "top table". The table is tied with a table circumference with auspicious patterns in front of the table, and the "next table" is set behind it. The "top table" is dedicated to the God's seat (the throne symbolizing heaven) made of colored paper. In the front center is a incense burner, in front of which there are three bundles of red paper noodles and three cups of tea, and beside the stove is a candlestick; After that, five fruits (Citrus, orange, apple, banana, sugarcane and other fruits) and six Zhai (golden needle, fungus, mushroom, cabbage heart, aster bean, mung bean, etc.) were arranged to sacrifice to the Jade Emperor; The next table is dedicated to five animals (chicken, duck, fish, egg, pork or pig belly, pig liver), sweets (raw kernel, rice jujube, cake, etc.), red turtle (like turtle shape, dyed red outside, with turtle shell seal to symbolize people's longevity), etc.

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