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How about the ninth day of the first month of 2021? What should be done on the ninth day of the new year

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in daily life, of course, we will like good days. There are many things in life. Doing some important events on auspicious days can not only make things go more smoothly, but also bring us good luck and improve our luck. So what is suitable for the ninth day of the first month of 2021?

2021年正月初九日子好吗 大年初九宜做什么事

how about the ninth day of the first month of 2021? Lunar calendar: the ninth day of the first month of 2021; Gregorian calendar: Saturday, February 20, 2021 [the old yellow calendar should] engagement and voucher transaction nacai Kaishi tailoring, engagement, buying a car, setting up a bed, bathing the meridians, offering sacrifices to animals, taking fish, building a warehouse, opening a hairpin, opening a pool and asking for an heir [the old yellow calendar should avoid] burial as a stove, logging auspicious gods should tend to: mother warehouse, Liuhe, five rich, No, holy heart, heaven's blessing, evil spirits should be avoided: hekui, evil spirits, heavy sun, gouchen, knife breaking, killing, hanging, eight ground breaking, earth ban


, 2021年正月初九日子好吗 大年初九宜做什么事,


what is the ninth day of the first month? From the above old yellow calendar, it can be seen that the ninth day of the first month is an auspicious day. What are the taboos on the ninth day of the lunar new year? 1. Avoid drying clothes. The ninth day of the Lunar New Year is the birthday of God and the Christmas day of the Jade Emperor. This day is particularly important. People should avoid drying clothes, especially women's pants and underwear! Because this is taboo, it will be considered disrespectful to the Jade Emperor, and people are afraid of being punished! 2. Avoid taking out garbage cans and picking fat dung. The Jade Emperor is called "God". It is said that "worship God" on the ninth day of the first month. So the whole family, old and young, fasted, bathed, offered incense, worshipped and chanted scriptures. Therefore, on the ninth day of junior high school, people can't empty garbage cans or pick fat dung. They worship the LORD with a clean body to show their respect for the Jade Emperor and ask the Jade Emperor for joy and blessing. Supplementary reading: preface to Zhao's genealogy in Leping, Jiangxi Province 3. Avoid adults and do not drink. The ancient Han people believed that nine represented the majority, the most and the largest, so it was the top. The ninth day of the ninth day, also known as the "day of heaven", is the birthday of the Jade Emperor, so adults must hold a very grand ceremony to celebrate the Jade Emperor's birthday by drinking. Nine is homonymous with wine. Nine can't leave wine. Every family prepares a rich banquet, drinks happily and wishes the birthday of the Jade Emperor. It's to get a good head for the whole year. Everything goes well!

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