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Is the ninth day of the first month of 2021 suitable for travel? Is it an auspicious day for travel

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a smooth day is everyone's favorite. Everything can be good or bad. Of course, the same is true for days. Good days bring us the best luck and luck, so no matter what people do, they will choose the auspicious day. Is it an auspicious day to travel on the ninth day of the first month of 2021?

2021年正月初九适合出行吗 是出行吉日吗

is it suitable to travel on the ninth day of the first month of 2021 [lunar calendar] the ninth day of January, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] February 20, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong snake (Guisi) Shaxi [Yi] accept the house voucher, accept the wealth and blessings, recruit the son-in-law to sacrifice fasting, worship, build houses, catch and plant [avoid] Bury as a stove, cut wood as a beam [fetal God Zhanfang] occupy the door bed in the South [Pengzu Baiji] has not broken the two-way ratio and died, and will not marry the unfavorable bridegroom [Xingxiu] Shensu (Shenshui APE) [ferocious God Yiji] eight anvils, gouchen hekui, cross the sky, rob the evil earth, forbid the abandonment of [blessing God] due north [God of wealth] due north [nine stars] SANBI xuanyuanxing (wood) -Calm down [phenology] Rex offering fish [lunar phase] nine night moon [get gold] one day get gold [share cake] six people share cake [control water] two dragons control water [farming] eleven cattle farming the Yellow calendar today is forbidden to travel. In addition to referring to the Yellow calendar, it is more auspicious to coincide with the eight characters. Auspicious hours and auspicious days vary from person to person. Below [travel auspicious days] You can choose the best day.

2021年正月初九适合出行吗 是出行吉日吗

precautions and stress 1. Prepare some common external drugs when traveling: band aids, which are used to stop bleeding, prevent wound inflammation and stick to the wound surface. Purple potion, bactericidal, used for skin, mucosal infection and ulcer, applied to the wound surface. 2. When traveling in strong wind weather, you should avoid long and narrow channels, because the long and narrow channels will form a "narrow pipe effect", and the wind will increase in the channels, which will bring certain dangers to pedestrians. 3. Choose a car to travel. Before you go on the road, you should send the car for a comprehensive maintenance, so that some hidden diseases of the car can be completely solved, and you can drive on the road clean. Don't take the old disease on the road, resulting in breakdown and bad driving on the way.

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