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Is the eighth day of the Lunar New Year suitable for engagement? Can we get engaged on the eighth day of the first month? 2021

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has three joys in life, one of which is marriage. Before a real marriage, it often needs to go through the visits of both parents and the steps of engagement. Since ancient times, it has been necessary to choose a auspicious day for engagement. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an auspicious day for engagement according to ancient customs, so that both husband and wife can be harmonious and beautiful in the future, sweet and happy.

大年初八适合订婚吗 正月初八可以订婚吗2021年

is it suitable to get engaged on the eighth day of the lunar new year in 2021 [lunar calendar] the eighth day of January, 2021 [Gregorian calendar] February 19, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong Long (ren Chen) Sha Bei [Yi] travel, build, seek medical treatment, dress, get married, start school, go to the post and enter the upper beam of the house   Get the certificate to move, marry, open the market, migrate, sacrifice, decorate, beg for money, accept the purchase, travel, get engaged, build a house, open a business, set up a voucher, move the land, accept the money, pick up the car [avoid] migrate to the upper beam of the stove [fetal God Zhanfang] room, bed, inner South [Peng zubaiji] Wu is not affected by the misfortune of the farmland owner, Xu does not eat dogs, and goes to bed [Xingxiu] Zui (mouth fire monkey) [auspicious God should tend] Fu xingsanhe Tianfu tianxiyangde [ferocious God should avoid] fell home, killed the earth fire, Feilian God, was killed four times, tired of the moon [six Yao] friends led the [Twelve Gods] to hold the position [happy God] southeast [blessing God] northeast [rilu] had ordered each other to enter Lu [phenology] otter offering fish [phase of the moon] the first quarter of the moon [get gold] One day get gold [share cake] six people share cake [control water] two dragons control water [Yang Guishen] northeast [Yin Guishen] southwest


can you get engaged on the eighth day of the first month? Today, Lao Huang Li should get engaged. You can refer to the yellow calendar and choose the best auspicious day in combination with the eight characters of both parties. The following [auspicious day of engagement] can be queried by new couples.

大年初八适合订婚吗 正月初八可以订婚吗2021年

precautions and stress 1. It is best not to choose the date of engagement in the second half of the year, because engagement in the second half of the year means that one of the men and women may become a monk halfway. Because of the moral of "becoming a monk halfway", it is very bad. In this way, engagement can easily indicate failure, which is an unlucky thing. 2. At the engagement banquet, the couple usually give 2 packs of cigarettes to the people who send blessings, which means that good things come in pairs, which can also be auspicious. Men and women will also show each other the clothes they buy at the engagement banquet to show their concern and consideration for each other. 3. Although engagement is not as grand as marriage, there will be an important link to exchange rings. Today's young people pay more attention to the ceremony. Of course, a pair of engagement rings with beautiful meaning is better for the engagement keepsake.

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