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Is it suitable to travel on the ninth day of the first month of 2021? What time do you go out

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a person's fate has a great relationship with innate factors. Some people are born with a golden spoon. It can be seen that such people will be called good people, but others will lead a relatively bad life from birth and face a tragic fate. Therefore, in order to help us in a good direction on a lucky day of travel, We must pay attention to it.

2021年正月初九适合出行吗 几点出门好

go out on the ninth day of the first month of 2021, the Yellow calendar, the Gregorian calendar: February 20, 2021, the lunar calendar: the ninth day of January, 2021, Lu: in the afternoon, he ordered mutual Lu Xin to enter Lu and get gold: in the first day, he got gold cake: six people shared cake to control water: two dragons to control water, Yang Guishen: Yin Guishen in the North: Chong Sha in the Southwest: Chong snake (Guisi) shaxiyi: get married, get engaged, buy a car, set up a bed, get rid of insects, pay God, form a net, open a pool and ask for an heir. Avoid: get a license to start setting up a bed, start drilling, repair graves, accept livestock burial, travel, marriage and opening


is it appropriate to travel today? The Yellow calendar should not travel today. In addition to referring to the Yellow calendar, it is more auspicious to coincide with the eight characters on auspicious days. Auspicious hours and auspicious days vary from person to person "Lucky day for travel" allows you to choose the best days.

2021年正月初九适合出行吗 几点出门好

What's important about going out? 1. If you travel by plane, try to choose a large model with large space, low flying noise and relatively stable. Moreover, because the travel time may be longer than other ways, the elderly, children and those in poor physical condition need to have a pre trip physical examination. 2. There are many taboos when you go out to eat. If you don't drink soup first, don't drink soup with a bowl, and use a spoon instead of soup The ancients believed that they should not quarrel with their family before going out, otherwise they would feel uneasy when going out. They also taboo choking or breaking chopsticks before going out. If choking or breaking chopsticks during eating is considered an unlucky sign and usually stop going out.

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