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How about going out on the tenth day of the year of the ox in 2021? When is the best time to travel

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The influence of

birth eight character and five element attributes on a person cannot be measured by the naked eye. This is because our birth eight character and five element attributes are not only used every day, but also have a slight impact on the people around us. Having a good numerological information will also help the baby's life, In other words, we must pay attention to the important role of travel auspicious days.

2021牛年大年初十出门好吗 什么时辰宜出行

Go out on the tenth day of the year of the ox in 2021, the lunar calendar: the tenth day of January, 2021, the Gregorian calendar: February 21, 2021, LiuYao: Buddha extinguishes the Twelve Gods: kaizhixi God: Northwest blessing God: Southwest God of wealth: zhengdongyi: marry, enter the house, travel, sacrifice, fasting, worship, migrate, build, seek offspring, seek medical treatment, funeral, enter school, plant, open warehouse and pick up the car Bogey: is it appropriate to travel today in the Yellow calendar? You can choose to go out, or choose a good day for peace and auspiciousness by referring to the birthday below.

2021牛年大年初十出门好吗 什么时辰宜出行

precautions for traveling 1. If the travel destination is in the folk village, pay special attention to food hygiene and safety, pay attention to fresh seafood, and drink an appropriate amount to drive out the cold. When traveling to the mountains and beaches, you should take medicine with you to prevent diseases caused by mosquito bites. 2. Cash, change, credit card, changed clothes, and take a small medicine bag just in case. Towels and so on are best to use their own. All items shall be fully prepared and placed in the most suitable position, such as key bag, ID card, etc. They shall be placed in an easy place to take. 3. There is a kind of "Yang Gong's taboo" among the people, which is a special day to avoid travel. In some specific days, trying to avoid going out can avoid some unnecessary trouble.

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