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Is it suitable for travel on the tenth day of the first month of 2021? What time do you go out

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can form a good aura invisibly if there is good fortune information combined with the auspicious day of travel. Therefore, fate is related to the five elements. If you can get a good fortune information, it can play a positive psychological hint and help you grow healthily, so as to succeed smoothly, no matter what you do to win, Therefore, the lucky day is very important.

2021年正月初十适合出行吗 几点出门好

Go out on the tenth day of the first month of 2021, the Yellow calendar, the lunar calendar, the tenth day of January, 2021, the Gregorian calendar, February 21, 2021, phenology, Rex offering sacrifices to fish, moon phase, night moon getting gold, one day getting gold for water control, two dragons for water control and farming, eleven cattle for farming, Yang Guishen, northeast Yin Guishen, southwest Yi, opening a warehouse, getting married, entering school, planting and removing superfluous plants Service voucher travel funeral travel migration pick-up car taboo: migrant burial as a stove for mortuary gods taboo: knife anvil land bag Luban sky fire sky prison lying corpse heavy day

is it appropriate to travel today? Today is a good day to travel, but it does not rule out the eight word adverse factors, so it is not recommended to use it directly. The following < travel auspicious day > can match your travel day.

2021年正月初十适合出行吗 几点出门好

what do you pay attention to when you go out? 1. People in different places pay different attention to travel. Residents in coastal areas along lakes, rivers and rivers also have many taboos before or during boat travel, thus forming the traffic custom of water god worship. 2. When traveling by plane, try to choose a large model with large space, low flight noise and relatively stable. Moreover, because the travel time may be longer than other methods, the elderly, children and those in poor physical condition need to have a pre trip physical examination. 3. In the case of multiple people traveling together, a team must maintain a certain distance, generally 2 ~ 3 meters, and the front and rear personnel should take care of each other, not apart, so as to ensure the overall and safety of the team.

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