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How about going out on the eleventh day of the first month of the year of the ox in 2021? When is the best time to travel

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therefore, when analyzing destiny, we must adhere to the principle of loving God. When we analyze destiny, we can start from the needs of destiny. When the Yin-Yang and five elements are balanced, it means that our future fortune begins to be stable and smooth, and the future development direction is more smooth. It is meaningless to say that the lack of five elements does not talk about the result of using God, Various factors must be integrated.

2021牛年正月十一出门好吗 什么时辰宜出行

go out on the eleventh day of the first month of the year of the ox in 2021, the Gregorian calendar: February 22, 2021, the lunar calendar: January 11, 2021, Chong Sha: Chong Yang (b Wei) Sha Dong LiuYao: Da'an Twelve Gods: closed position fetal God Zhan Fang: nanxingxiu in the kitchen and toilet: Ghost (ghost golden sheep) Evil spirits should avoid: local thieves should avoid earth runes, five virtual blood and blood supporting the moon. Evil spirits should: marry, open the market, open the office, recruit redundant people, bury them, marry, ask for heirs, set up vouchers, pray for wealth, get engaged, plug the hole and set up a bed. Avoid: buy property, migrate, travel, build, move, build houses, open warehouses, build dikes, and use livestock vertical columns to break the ground


Is it appropriate to travel today? It's not suitable to travel today. It may be bad without your eight character combination. If you want great luck, the following "travel auspicious day" can accurately match the good time for you.

2021牛年正月十一出门好吗 什么时辰宜出行

what are the particular places to go out 1. Since the Tang Dynasty, restaurants have become more and more popular, providing great convenience for tourists. However, even though the catering industry was more developed, the ancients used to carry food with them when traveling, such as Hu cake, preserved bamboo shoots, tea and other food and drinks. 2. Walking to a certain extent can not be avoided when traveling. It is best to take a long walk, that is, a larger stride than usual. This is a scientific walking method, because it reduces the swing of both feet at an equal distance and saves physical strength. 3. People in different places pay different attention to travel. Residents in areas along lakes, rivers and rivers also have many taboos before or during boat travel, thus forming the traffic custom of water god worship.

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