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Query table of today's travel auspicious time in Dali direction on January 11, 2021

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combines the selected travel auspicious days with the life information to obtain the numerology information, so as to accurately calculate the five elements and meaning of the baby's name. In the face of analyzing the characteristics of life, so as to make the fate smoother. In numerology, take appropriate mathematical information in combination with the travel auspicious days, so that these information can be integrated into the numerology.

2021年正月十一出行大利方向 今日出行吉时查询表

Go out on January 11, 2021 lunar calendar query lunar calendar: January 11, 2021 Gregorian calendar: February 22, 2021 fetal God Zhan Fang: nanpengzu taboo in the kitchen and toilet room: Xin does not match the sauce, the owner does not taste the ugliness, does not wear the crown, does not return home with the owner, the auspicious God should tend: years of virtue and months of virtue do not extend the natural medicine to the world, the evil god should avoid: local thieves return to the earth, and five virtual blood should avoid Xuezhiyue Shayi: marry nacai, open the market, set up vouchers, seek medical sacrifices, seek heirs, go to funeral, bury and plug the acupoints. Bogey: move, travel, break the ground, erect the column, return to Ning, release water, open the warehouse, acupuncture, purchase, build dikes


is it appropriate to travel today? From Huang's point of view, it is not recommended to travel today. If you need a top-grade auspicious day that coincides with your eight characters, see "auspicious day of travel" below Can be queried.

2021年正月十一出行大利方向 今日出行吉时查询表

is it necessary to choose a day to go out? 1. There is a kind of "Yang Gongji" among the people, which is a day to avoid travel. In some specific days, trying to avoid going out can avoid some unnecessary trouble. 2. It's hard to say the weather. Even if there is a sun in the sky, as long as dark clouds cover it, it may rain immediately. Therefore, when traveling, we must have rain proof tools. Only with the best and complete preparation can we face the storm calmly. 3. It's best to travel in sunny weather. When you go out, you must know the weather of your destination in advance. You should know that the weather in different places on the same day may be completely opposite.

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