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Query table for the location of the God of wealth on the ninth day of the first lunar month of 2021

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is the dream of many people. Money can do a lot of things in modern society, so we are also eager for money. The God of wealth can help us improve our personal fortune. The daily direction of the God of wealth is different. If you want money, you should check the direction of the day.


Location query table of the God of wealth on the ninth day of the first lunar month of 2021 lunar calendar: the ninth day of the first lunar month of 2021 Gregorian calendar: Saturday, February 20, 2021 main branch: the year of the Xin Chou + Geng Yin month + the day of the first lunar year of 1911 auspicious hour: 13:00-15:00 in the future God of happiness: Northeast God of happiness: the God of wealth in the South: the God of wealth in the North: the receiving position value God: Outline (underworld day) Today's fetal God: nanrilu in the bed room of the gate: he ordered mutual Lu and Ren to enter Lu at noon. Peng Zu's hundred taboos: he didn't break the coupon and didn't marry


, 2021年正月大年初九财神方位查询表,


Today's wealth seeking direction is 23:00-00:59 Midnight Midnight, northeast God of wealth, northeast Chou Shi, 01:00-02:59 northwest God of wealth, northeast Yin Shi, 03:00-04:59 southwest God of wealth, southwest Mao Shi, 05:00-06:59 due south, southwest God of wealth, 07:00-08:59 due north of southeast God of wealth, 09:00-10:59 due north of northeast God of wealth, 11:00-12:59 due northwest of God of wealth God of wealth Zhengdong Weishi 13:00-14:59 God of happiness southwest God of wealth Zhengdong Shenshi 15:00-16:59 God of happiness Zhengnan God of wealth Zhengnan Youshi 17:00-18:59 God of happiness southeast God of wealth Zhengnan Xushi 19:00-20:59 God of happiness northeast God of wealth northeast Haishi 21:00-22:59 God of happiness northwest God of wealth northeast


money positions should not be placed under heavy objects. It is absolutely not allowed to press the position of wealth. If heavy objects such as large wardrobe and bookcase are pressed on the position of wealth, it will be unfavorable to the wealth of the whole family and the whole company. Pressing the position of wealth is equivalent to blocking the way of wealth, which will make their work and business very difficult. Put some lucky items on the financial position. Putting some auspicious objects and crafts on the financial position will add to the icing on the cake. Will add wealth to wealth. In particular, bowl shaped gold has greater power to absorb money. Behind the financial position, there should be a "backer" for the material object. There should be a wall behind the wealth position, because it symbolizes that there is a backer in wealth and fortune to ensure that there are no worries about the future, so as to hide the wind and gather Qi. Avoid empty glass in the back. If it is a window, the window at this position should be opened as little as possible to avoid scattering money outside. Be sure to let this position gather Qi.

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