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Inquire about today's auspicious hour of the old yellow calendar on the tenth day of the first lunar month of 2021

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the beginning of a happy event represents a new beginning. A new beginning is very important for us, which may be related to our future and a new start. Therefore, many people will choose an auspicious day for themselves when they do these happy events, so that their happy events can be happy and good luck.

2021年正月大年初十吉时查询 今日老黄历吉利时辰

query the auspicious hour on the tenth day of the first lunar month in 2021 lunar calendar: the tenth day of the first lunar month in 2021 (2021-1-10) solar calendar: 2021-02-21 Twelve Gods: opening God: tianyixing (zodiac) Qinglong auspicious God should tend to: don't bark at Qinglong's mother warehouse. When Qinglong is angry with Yangyi, it should be avoided: knife anvil land bag Luban Tianhuo Tianguan lies corpse heavy rilu: apply for mutual lugui's order to enter the nine stars of Lu: one white - taiyixing (water) - auspicious God (one cow ploughs the land, two dragons control the water, and six people share the cake a day) It is advisable to marry a redundant son-in-law, start drilling, get rid of clothes, go to the house, seek a son, seek medical treatment, go to school, accept money, plant, set up a voucher, go out and open a warehouse. Avoid: set up a bed, log the upper beam, accept livestock, break the soil, erect a vertical column, install a door cover, make a stove, make a bed, bury and move the ground to open the market for money


, 2021年正月大年初十吉时查询 今日老黄历吉利时辰,


today's auspicious time 23:00-1:00 (auspicious) ugly time 1:00-3:00 (Kyrgyzstan) 5:00-7:00 (Kyrgyzstan) 11:00-13:00 (Kyrgyzstan) 13:00-15:00 (Kyrgyzstan) 15:00-17:00 (Kyrgyzstan) 17:00-19:00 (Kyrgyzstan)

What are the sayings on this day? 1. Stone birthday. It is said that the tenth day of the first month is the birthday of the stone God Shu, so the folk people will not move stone tools such as stone mill and stone mill, or move stones or build stone houses. Therefore, this day is also called "stone does not move" In the ancient custom, people even stick Spring Festival couplets on stone tools on New Year's Eve. These stone tools are forbidden to use until the tenth day of the first month. They can only be used in Kaifeng after the tenth day of the first month. 2. Mice get married. On the twelfth day of the first month, it is forbidden to kill mice. At night, every household does not light lights. We either go to bed early or quietly Sit on the Kang. This is to provide convenience for mice to marry women, so as not to cause their fear and affect their happiness.

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