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Is today an auspicious day in the Yellow calendar on the tenth day of the lunar new year in 2021

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for a new thing, we all hope to have new development, especially in major events. We also hope that what we do can have a good ending. Many people will choose the auspicious day to do it. The auspicious day is a good day. Many things are suitable to do on this day to avoid stepping on taboos.

2021年大年初十黄历查询 今天是黄道吉日吗

lunar calendar inquiry on the tenth day of the lunar new year in 2021 lunar calendar: the tenth day of the first month of January 2021 (2021-1-10) Gregorian calendar: 2021-02-21 value God: tianyixing (zodiac) Qinglong Pengzu Baiji: Geng no meridians loom empty Zhang Zi does not ask for divination, causing disaster. Collision: Chong (Jiawu) Ma suisha: Sha Dongyi: fasting, praying, moving to build houses, seeking children, seeking medical treatment, mourning, accepting money, planting, setting up vouchers, traveling, opening warehouses, avoiding: setting up beds, logging upper beams, vertical columns, setting doors and covers as stoves, making beds, burying ground, opening markets, seeking wealth, auspicious God: don't bark at the mother Cang Qinglong. When Yang Yi is angry, it's evil after Yang Yi. Avoiding: the place of knife anvil is baoluban Sky fire, sky prison, lying corpse, heavy day, nine stars: one white - Taiyi star (water) - auspicious God (one cow cultivates the land, two dragons control the water, one day gets gold and six people share the cake)

is today an auspicious day of the zodiac? Through the query of the information of the Yellow calendar, we can know that the value God on the tenth day of the first month of 2021 is on Tianyi star, which belongs to an auspicious day of the zodiac.

2021年大年初十黄历查询 今天是黄道吉日吗

what are the customs and activities on this day? 1. Roast lion fire. On the tenth day of the first lunar month, at about 6 or 7 p.m., every family will burn a pile of firewood at the door of their home, throw all the unused or worn brooms, dustpans, old shoes, broken socks, etc. that can be burned into the fire, and the whole family, old and young, will roast themselves and hands around the fire before and after baking. 2. Hanging lanterns. On the tenth day of the first month, there is a custom of hanging lanterns in Guangdong and Guangxi, which is also called "Tianding lamp". China has always attached importance to the tradition of inheriting families and continuing incense. The so-called "Tianding lamp" means that before the tenth day of the first month, if there is a newly born baby boy under the full moon, he will go to the state altar to hang lanterns, indicating that the family has added incense and has successors.

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