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Inquire about today's auspicious hour in the old yellow calendar on the eleventh auspicious hour of the first month of 2021

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in some major events, many people will carry out it on a good day. In order to have a good omen, a good start is half the success, which also means that what we do can have a good ending. We are also willing to place our hopes on a good day and hope for good luck.

2021年正月十一吉时查询 今日老黄历吉利时辰

lunar calendar query on January 11, 2021 (January 11, 2021) Gregorian calendar: February 22, 2021 eight characters: Xin Chou Geng Yin, Xin Chou fetal God: occupying the room and bed - the South auspicious God in the kitchen and toilet room should tend to: years of virtue and months of virtue do not extend the natural medicine to the world. Evil spirits should be avoided: local thieves should avoid earth runes, five virtual blood and blood branches. Nine moon spirits: two black - shetixing (earth) - evil god (one ox ploughs the land, two dragons control the water and six people share the cake one day) LiuYao: Twelve Gods of Da'an: closed value God: noble star (zodiac) Mingtang Peng zubaiji: Xin is not the sauce, the master does not taste the ugliness, does not bring the master back to his hometown, Nayin: the earth on the wall is pine and cypress, and the earth on the wall is empty. It is worth: [Nian] Chen, it is [month] afternoon, it is [sun] Chen, and it is already blessed. Direction: Southwest

2021年正月十一吉时查询 今日老黄历吉利时辰

Today's auspicious hour Yin time 3:00-5:00 Jinkui (auspicious) Mao time 5:00-7:00 Tiande (auspicious) Si time 9:00-11:00 Yutang (auspicious) Shen time 15:00-17:00 commander (auspicious) Xu time 19:00-21:00 Qinglong (auspicious) Hai time 21:00-23:00 Mingtang (auspicious)


what are the customs and habits on this day 1. Son-in-law's day. The eleventh day of the first month is the "son-in-law's Day", which is the day when the father-in-law entertains his son-in-law. On the ninth day of the ninth day, there are still a lot of food left to celebrate the "heavenly birthday". Therefore, my mother's family doesn't have to spend any more money to entertain her son-in-law and daughter. The folk song is called "invite a son-in-law on the eleventh day". In fact, the "son-in-law's Day" has a very historical origin. In ancient times, the remaining food for celebrating the "heavenly Father's" birthday on the ninth day of the first month has not been eaten. Therefore, these sacrificial delicacies will be used to entertain the daughter and son-in-law as an answer when the daughter returns home on the second day of the second day. On the 11th day of the first month, when the daughter and son-in-law rush back to their mother's house, they must be greeted by their mother's brother or brother in advance, so as to show the mother's family's respect and attention to their son-in-law.

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