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Is the 18th day of the first month in 2021 an auspicious day? What day is the 18th day of the first month

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Since ancient times, there has been a saying of

. Not only when getting married, you need to choose a auspicious day according to the eight characters of the two people's birthday, but also when doing prosperous business and opening a business, you also need to choose a auspicious day according to the eight characters of the practitioner's birthday. All these are to make the future of your life develop more smoothly.

2021年正月十八是黄道吉日吗 正月18是什么日子好吗

is it an auspicious day on the 18th of the first month of 2021 [Gregorian calendar] March 1, 2021 [lunar calendar] January 18, 2021 [Chong Sha] Chong Hu (ren Yin) Sha Nan [Yi] opened the market to beg for money, broke the ground, opened drills, repaired graves, fasted, went to any broken house for cooking stoves, took medicine, sailed to recruit redundant sons-in-law [taboo] Decorate the vertical column, get married, travel, collect water, get engaged, bury animals, get married, start land, buy property, live apart, migrate, close accounts, build an anmen house, build a house, get a license, pray for blessings, move [fetal God Zhanfang] bed furnace room, East [Xingxiu] Kang Su (Kang Jinlong) [auspicious God Yixu] do not keep the tomb, solve the God, and protect the Tianyue post horse [Twelve Gods] Po Zhiwei [happiness God] southeast [blessing God] northeast [nine stars] SANBI - xuanyuanxing (wood) - calming God [earth mother Sutra] the poem says: in the year of Taisui and xinchou, there are a few diseases. Wu Yue sang Ma Hao, Jing Chu Mi Mai Zhen. It rains sweetly in spring and summer, and it rains very hard in autumn and winter. The mulberry tree has a beautiful head, and the silkworm is happy. The people are gradually resting, and the six livestock are wandering. Bu said: Xin Chou cow is the leader, and the height is very poor. The people leave half, happy and good mulberry fields. [phenology] plants sprout [get gold] one day get gold [control water] two dragons control water [Yang Guishen] northeast [Yin Guishen] southwest

what day is the 18th of the first month? Judging from the Yellow calendar above, there are more unsuitable things to do today than suitable things, so this day is actually not very good, It's not an auspicious day, but there are some things you can do.

2021年正月十八是黄道吉日吗 正月18是什么日子好吗

the custom of January 18, Huian, Fujian - youdagu. The unique activity of "youdagu" on the 18th day of the first month in Wangchuan Town, Huian is very grand. After the three salutes of "bang", "bang" and "bang", Hou Qing's "big drum tour on the 18th day of the first month" will officially begin. The music of Beiguan, Nanyin, big blowing, suona and car drum will soar to the sky, and the performances of dragon and lion dance and ball playing will begin. A royal gift "Gong Gu Pavilion" opened the way. A team of gong'e and eunuchs closely followed, and a team of front imperial guards surrounded, followed by performers in costumes, just like the emperor. Sanyuanli village, Guangdong - Lantern Festival on the 18th of the first month in the old society ide Opium War, Sanyuanli vowed to resist Britain. At the Sanyuan ancient temple where the former site was located, two lion teams beat gongs and drums. Surrounded by many villagers, they came to the statue of the North emperor in the ancient temple to perform a god praying performance and worship the North emperor. Then it will carry out lion dance activities around the village. Sanyuanli village takes the 18th day of the first month as its own Village Folk Lantern Festival, which has a history of nearly 300 years. Raoping, Guangdong - the 18th day of the first month of every year when my mother travels is actually the most lively "lively day" in Kangbei village, Raoping. On the same day, the "empress" of Sanniang temple in the village went on a trip. At this time, every family in the village would actually prepare rich pilgrimages at the door of their home, burn incense, kneel down and set off firecrackers to welcome the arrival of the "empress". During the trip, the Dragon danced, the colored flag fluttered, the sound of gongs and drums shook, and the sound of firecrackers.

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